Rider Essentials: Briana Dinsdale

8 September 2022 | 2:13 pm | Mallory Arbour

We caught up with Briana Dinsdale to find out the things she always takes on the road for this week’s Rider Essentials.

Briana Dinsdale

Briana Dinsdale (Image: Supplied)

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Brisbane-based artist, Briana Dinsdale has already achieved at 18 years, what some folks could only dream of in a lifetime. At home on the stage since the age of eight, Briana has performed at the Gympie Music Muster, Tamworth Country Music Festival and on the Melting Sunsets line-up alongside Pete Murray, The Whitlams and more.

A firm favourite with key industry tastemakers, Briana's distinct and refreshing style of country has garnered support from the likes of the Country Music Association where she was announced by Tamworth's CMAA as the 2022 Keith Urban Scholarship Award Winner – an incredible achievement by such an exciting and gifted, rare musical talent.  

Her debut single, Ball and Chain smashed opening targets all round, heading straight to number 15 in the Australian Independent Music Chart and charting on many independent charts around the world. Her current single, Irresistible Force is the perfect representation of her mature level of musicianship for her youthful age. Co-written with Golden Guitar winner Melody Moko, Briana’s unique, Country-Americana flaring sounds navigate their way through the ambient tones and moving lyrics based on her experience with teenage heartbreak.

To get to know Briana Dinsdale a little better, we caught up with the emerging artist to find out the things she always takes on the road for this week’s Rider Essentials.


1. Manuka Honey 

I always make sure to take some Manuka Honey to any gig away from home because it is just so good for your vocal chords! Not even just for your vocal cords, but for your overall inner health. Plus, it’s super yum! So, a spoonful of honey before going on stage is great and has become a ritual now.

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2. My earphones! 

Music is super comforting and grounding for me, with settling anxiety, nerves and just cantering myself before something big. So being able to just throw on some good Keith Urban wherever I am is just super comforting and relaxing. A go-to place for this is in the backseat of the car on the way to the gig. 

3. Guitar

It’s a must for me to take my gorgeous, colourful Epiphone guitar with me to any gig wherever it may be. I love my guitar like none other. I don’t think I would be able to feel like myself on any stage without it sitting up there with me. It has basically become a part of me and my performance persona now. 

4. Hydrolyte Tablets

Hydrolyte tablets are so important for me to have in my purse always. Making sure I’m energised and ready to roll is crucial, as energy is a key aspect to my performance. But, if I run out or forget to bring my handy-dandy hydrolyte tablets, a good Powerade from the local servo serves me well too.

5. My Pillow

Last but definitely not least, my pillow! When I travel for multi-day trips without my pillow, I can never get a good night's sleep. But, when I have my pillow, it’s like sleeping in my own bed! I just love this pillow. And as a sneaky last one, if I could bring my dog everywhere with me, I would!


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