Rider Essentials: Ashleigh Dallas

8 June 2023 | 11:28 am | Mallory Arbour

We caught up with Ashleigh Dallas to find out the things she always takes on the road with her for this week’s Rider Essentials.

Ashleigh Dallas

Ashleigh Dallas (Image: Supplied)

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Ashleigh Dallas is third generation in a country music family dynasty. Born in Australia’s Country Music Capital of Tamworth NSW, the CMAA graduate grew up listening to the musical sounds of her family – Roll of Renown recipient and Golden Guitar winner, Rex Dallas and Golden Guitar winner, producer and multi-instrumentalist father, Brett Dallas. She began violin lessons at the age of 6, and learned to play acoustic guitar, mandolin, ukulele, and banjo and started songwriting when she reached her teenage years.

She has released five albums to date, with her most recent In The Moment crowned ‘Traditional Country Album of the Year’ at the 2023 Golden Guitar Awards. Her latest single, Over For Me, sees Ashleigh open up about taking control of your own healing.

“It’s been a really lovely creative time, making this song sound like it is, but I still feel nervous about this sort of song,” Ashleigh said. “Everyone looks at me like a positive person who always looks at the glass half full, not half empty, but I have battled with my own struggles even though I have a great team, family and support, I knew the strength has to start with me.”

We caught up with Ashleigh Dallas to find out the things she always takes on the road with her for this week’s Rider Essentials.



Snacks are a huge necessity on the road! At any given time, I want to be able to have access to eat something savory, something sweet, something to have with a cup of tea in the motel room, quick and filling snacks for the kids and a stack load of sugar for the band and I for the long car trips. I am a sucker for the red lollies so I think it is great you can now get a full RED bag of lollies too!

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2. My skin care creams, serums and hand moisturiser 

I always remember my Mum whenever we were away from our home, she would always take her day and night face cream with her – and my Christmas stocking as a teenager was always filled with moisturisers etc. I guess this daily routine has stuck with me. I find it relaxing taking the time to sit and I always have one handy in my handbag also to put on when I am feeling anxious. Weirdly, it calms me down and stops me biting my nails. I’m currently using Bondi Sands and love it – also not sponsored just sharing the love for a good product.

3. A good healthy supply of Cowboy Boots! 

Whether it is my trusted pairs of Baxter Boots to my going-out-on-the-town Agave Blue specials, there is something you feel when you have a great pair of boots on, almost like you can take on the world! Obviously, as I travel, I always have my instruments with me, but also guaranteed I would have a pair or two or three of boots – just ask my husband.

4. A little piece of home

If I am traveling without my family, I always take something from home that the girls have made or a teddy bear/soft toy if Harriet will allow one to come away. Sometimes just scrolling through photos on the phone isn’t quite enough and it makes FaceTime fun showing off where the teddy etc. has gone on the travels. Recently, I travelled away with a painted pet rock and a soft Kiwi toy from NZ and a picture my eldest daughter drew for my wallet – a little piece of home is always a must.

5. My writing songbook is always with me 

I am such a spontaneous writer, and you just never know when the creative ideas are going to start, and I want to be able to write them down and journal. I do use my iPhone voice memos a lot for writing but for me, the feel of pen to paper makes me able to express and articulate my ideas down more fluidly – if it’s a very quick moment to write good luck reading my handwriting – hence why I often rewrite out things once they are complete! Ha


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