Rider Essentials: Abby Christo

14 March 2023 | 11:25 am | Mallory Arbour

We caught up with Abby Christo to find out the things she always takes on the road with her for this week’s Rider Essentials.

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Based between Sydney, Australia, and New Zealand (Auckland and Taranaki), Abby Christo first stepped into the spotlight in 2015, when she appeared on X- Factor NZ as part of duo Mae Valley. They broke charts with their debut self-titled EP and played alongside global country megastars like Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood and Kelsea Ballerini.  

In 2017, she spent 2 years finding her voice as a solo artist, penning her debut single Kiss Me Into Monday, which has had over 1.4 million streams. Her debut EP, SLOW DOWN GIRL, was released in 2022. She is currently busy writing her second EP, and has an exciting trip planned to one of the great homes of country music - Nashville - for songwriting and recording.

Her latest single, Note To Self, is a country-pop song full of optimistic, feel-good Nashville vibes and all about letting go of the things out of your control. Abby says that the country sounds reflect her passion for country music, and that the honest, raw lyrics represent who she is as a person.

“I suffer from bad anxiety, so I wanted to write a song to listen to when I’m overthinking. A song that says, ‘some things are meant to be, others aren’t’,” says Abby. “I’m vulnerable, optimistic, curious, and my music gives me a platform to be able to express it all.”

Ahead of her appearance at CMC Rocks QLD, we caught up with Abby Christo to find out the things she always takes on the road with her for this week’s Rider Essentials.


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1. Water 

I feel like, when you’re on the road, without realising it, you forget to drink water! Early wakeups, airports, playing live shows can really take it out of you! Hydration is key to getting through and keeps my skin looking fresh. 

2. My Cell/Mobile Phone

It sounds so simple but so much of my life is on my phone! Emails, social media, calls, banking, everything. But, most importantly, to call my family every hour! I love chatting to them and I tend to share a lot with them. I couldn’t imagine being on the road and not being able to update them. 

3. Makeup/Hair Products

I am the worst person at resting and getting enough sleep, so makeup is my saviour when it comes to looking fresh! Plus, it’s fun to glam up before show or freshen up before a long flight. Regarding the hair products – take a look at my wild curls and you’ll know exactly why I need those! 

4. Snacks

I am ALWAYS hungry or peckish. Not only that but when you are on the road, you’re burning a lot of energy and sometimes you don’t even have time to sit down and have a proper meal. So, it’s important to keep snacks within reach to keep me going.

5. Comfort Items

I have anxiety and comfort items like rescue remedy or peppermint tea, chewing gum and a warm jumper help when I am go-go-go and need a quick way to deal with it. I also run cold, so I find myself freezing even during winter (hence the jumper). How cold are airplanes too right?


Keep up to date with Abby Christo on her Facebook page here.