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My Countrytown: The Little Lord Street Band – Perth, WA

19 October 2021 | 10:13 am | Mallory Arbour

To get to know indie/folk/country-rock outfit, The Little Lord Street Band a little better, we’ve asked what they love about their hometown, Perth, WA.

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Radiating with a wholesome, happy-go-lucky attitude that shines through in their indie-imbued style of enchanting country music, adored WA indie/folk/country-rock outfit, The Little Lord Street Band have been attracting attention and accolades since their humble beginnings. The band have played at numerous festivals across Australia and have supported both Australian and International artists like Gomez, Justin Townes Earle, The Whitlams, Fanny Lumsden, Ruby Boots and Daniel Champagne.

Crowned ‘Best Country Act’ three years straight at the West Australian Music Industry awards on the strength of their dynamic live show, the band have three released acclaimed EP's and a debut album (2020's A Minute of Another Day), which includes their WAM ‘Song of the Year Award (Country)’ Maybe I’m Just In Love.

The first single from their forthcoming sophomore album is set to drop this Friday – and we have your first listen below in this exclusive premiere! High Beams explores the futility of life through the narration of a near-death experience.

Band member James Rogers says, “High Beams is about a near-death experience that one assumes when confronted by another driver not turning their high beam lights off when driving at night on country roads, and the thoughts that would go through one’s head when faced by a blinding oncoming light.”

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To get to know The Little Lord Street Band a little better, we’ve asked what they love about their hometown, Perth, WA.

Sand groper

Can’t travel anywhere round Perth and not find sand, it’s in our DNA. We love it – from the beaches to the rivers – we are surrounded by water and sand, and there’s a lot if it. As a band, when on the road, we make it a point of call to stop and pay homage to the nature that surrounds us.

Close knit music community

The home of musicians – that knows of met or played with every other musician – is Perth. As we are either following each other around a festival or regional touring circuit or supporting from the sidelines, the Perth Music community is rich in support, nurture, love and respect. Hard to come by anyone that doesn’t really follow this code of ethic amongst our crowd.

Country music

There is heaps of country cred coming out of W.A. and Perth, now, when it comes to country music. Something about the land, long distances, the people, and climate, there is a swing toward Americana-folk-rock-country that happens. Between Siobhan Cotchin, Albert Loss, Polly Medlen, Theonia Councilor, The Eastern, Timothy Nelson, Claudia Joy, Franks Fish Tank, Bradley Hall, there is country music for everyone.

Whadjuk Country

We are truly lucky to live on this Whadjuk land and pay our respects to the elders past present and emerging. In our neighbourhood, we live just off Lord Street down by the Swan River (Derbarl Yerrigan) and it’s the place where the Noongars believe the Waugal (major spirit, snake, or rainbow serpent) is present, cruising the river, causing the river to bend.


Our families are part of the fabric of the local Perth community music and crowd. Our parents, sisters, brothers, extended families live in the state, and attend a far chunk of our gigs. We rep hard at most shows with our families in the audience for each five band members (Alex Megaw, Michael Savage, James Rogers, Natasha Shanks, and Jon Fernandez) bring the whooping entourage. We are lucky and blessed.

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