My CountryTown: Becca Bowen – West Columbia, South Carolina

28 February 2023 | 1:50 pm | Mallory Arbour

To get to know Becca Bowen a little better, we’ve asked what she loves about South Carolina.

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Regional towns are in our blood here at CountryTown! From Kurri Kurri to Broome, Ballarat to Noojee, we love the amazing country musicians our regional centres produce – but we mustn’t forget the quality artists who come from distant shores too, like Becca Bowen.

Becca’s glamorous, Southern Belle exterior mixed with her bold and tomboyish personality and a love for the outdoor lifestyle prove the South Carolina native proudly lives up to her endearing nickname, “Country Barbie'' which was first given to her by her passionate fanbase. Becca exudes confidence in who she is - welcoming the juxtaposition of her look and personality, as showcased in the authenticity of her music.

In 2020, Becca competed in the Outdoor Channel's popular reality show, For Love or Likes. She was named the winner of Season 5 in 2021, garnering a rapidly growing following and fanbase online, all eager for more music from the emerging star. With a multitude of singles released in 2022 including the unapologetic Who I Am, a female empowering anthem, Glitter, and How It All Went Down, as well as her debut album Like You've Never Been Loved, she credits Dolly Parton, George Strait, Alan Jackson, Shania Twain and Reba McEntire for her musical inspiration.

Following the release of her high energy single Son Of A Gun, to get to know Becca Bowen a little better, we’ve asked what she loves about her hometown of West Columbia, South Carolina.


1. Family-Owned Businesses

Five things about my hometown that come to mind that I feel are unique and special is that we still have family-owned businesses. I love going to shops where they have homemade items made with love. In these shops everything is unique. When I’m buying gifts, I always end up at the same store and sometimes you can see the owner in the back room making crafts. 

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2. Lake Murray

Another great thing about my hometown is, that, just down the road, we have the beautiful Lake Murray. Most everyone around town will go fishing, tubing and spend their summers making memories on this lake. I know that I certainly have many memories and stories from trips to Lake Murray over the years and those are something I’ll always cherish. 

3. Drive-In Movie Theater

We also have a drive-in movie theater not too far that a lot of people love to go to on the weekend. That is one of my favourite things to do is set up blankets, pillows and a few chairs in the back of my truck. Then watch a movie with friends on the big screen. The only thing is do not forget the bug spray! That is a must! 

4. Barbecue Restaurants 

I grew up in a small town in South Carolina and we also have great barbecue restaurants. I love mustard based barbecue and hush puppies. Whenever I’m in Nashville for an extended amount of time or traveling, a trip to my favourite barbecue restaurant is always a must when I get back in town. It is also the perfect spot to go to before the drive-in! 

5. The Farmers Market

Last, but not least, I love the Farmers Market. You can go there to get locally grown food. My Grandpa used to sell produce at the farmer’s market. He would grow collards, peanuts and watermelons. He introduced me to boiled peanuts which are delicious! You will usually see a few boiled peanut stands around my hometown. It always reminds me of my grandpa. 


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