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MacKenzie Porter Shares Her Aussie Favourites!

4 October 2022 | 10:55 am | Mallory Arbour

MacKenzie Porter is currently on tour with Brad Paisley.

MacKenzie Porter

MacKenzie Porter (Image: Supplied)

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Canadian-born, Nashville-based actor and singer-songwriter, MacKenzie Porter is currently touring Australia for the first time ever, supporting US superstar Brad Paisley alongside Morgan Evans. They have one more Australian gig at Sydney’s Qudos Arena on Wednesday, October 5, before heading across to New Zealand for a show on Saturday, October 8 at Auckland's Spark Arena, where Kaylee Bell will join as opener.

We spoke to MacKenzie to find out her Aussie favourites. She said:

Favourite Australian music artist/s: Morgan Evans and then, I also was on tour with the Seaforth boys and they're so freaking fun and so sweet, so I feel like those two are my friends and some of my favourite artists from Australia. 

Favourite Australian actor/s or actress/es: I love Margot Robbie. She's done so many sick movies. But The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), I feel like she was so good in that! I heard her audition story where she like slapped Leonardo DiCaprio in the audition. It's such a boss move and like, obviously, why she got the part. She's just an incredible actress.

Favourite Australian animal/s: This is probably just like typical but a kangaroo, but a baby one that's in the pouch. They're so cute. Like if they didn't grow up to be, like, I don't even know, maybe they're a little bit aggressive or something, I would totally want as a pet.

Favourite Australian movie/s: Oh, man. I'm sure I have seen some that I love but I don't know if I would know specifically if it was Australian or not. There's probably 8 million that are amazing.

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Favourite Australian food/s: There's a place in Nashville called Hearts, that has Australian food, but all I’ve ever eaten there has been a chia breakfast bowl. I don't think that's specific to Australia, but maybe it is.... 

You can find out more in our in-depth interview with MacKenzie here.


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