Leave The Party Early by Kylie Jane – Video Premiere

12 April 2023 | 9:48 am | Mallory Arbour

'Leave The Party Early' is out now!

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Kylie Jane’s Leave The Party Early is an upbeat flirty country pop song about ditching the crowd to steal quality time with that special someone, aiming to capture the excitement and thrill of being head over heels for that person. All you want to do is catch a cab back to your place, drink red wine and dance the night away rather than battle the noise and distraction of a bar.

Kylie says, “The song is a reminder to live for every moment with the people that are most special to you and don't forget to dance the night away like no one is watching!”

Leave the Party Early was co-written by Kylie with Lydia Sutherland and Aaron Pollock from Nashville, with the three writing the song over a morning coffee in the comfort of home via Zoom. Kylie wanted to write a track that everyone could relate to while also keeping it uplifting and fun.

A lot about Leave the Party Early compliments Kylie and her husband, Simon's, nights "in" together. They often love a night listening to music, sipping red wine, and having a cheeky dance in the comfort of their own home. Simon also contributed to the track, helping Kylie with some verses and structure of the song.

“He’s not musical at all, but he compliments what I do and has excellent input,” says Kylie.

Produced and directed by Jake Davey Studios, the Leave The Party Early music video, which premieres today exclusively on Countrytown, was filmed on location at Bar Petite and Nowhere Barber and Warehouse in Newcastle.

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The clip stars Emma McCluskey and Joey Clark as the main couple and, in addition, some great friends of Kylie's were involved as extras, including Sophie Hartley, Gerda Temple, Komiti, Teigan Jobbins, Sam Jobbins, Kayla Collins, Bonnie Lee Mooney, Brooke Atkins, and Maddie Grace.

Watch the video below or here!

Boasting extensive experience at functions and venues far and wide, Kylie’s professionalism is second to none; matched only by her unquestionable talent and passion for the stage. Taking on aspects of pop, country, soul and blues, Kylie’s lifelong connection to music is undeniable. 

In 2016, Kylie’s appearance on the globally renowned TV Show The Voice underlined her defiant strength in silencing an audience and making any song her own. Her debut album Black Swan was released the following year, and Kylie was soon blessed with performing the Australian National Anthem at Newcastle’s first year of hosting ‘The Coats Hire 500 Supercar’s Championship’.

Wholly devoted to the art-form, Kylie divides her time between the studio and the stage. Whilst freedom of creativity sees her catalogue of music expand and evolve, her faultlessly soulful tone and openly expressive writing maintains an edge of identity and warmth across the board.

In 2022, she released her debut country single, Missing Piece, which is closing in on 10k streams and was added to high rotation on ABC Country during Australian Music Month.


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