JESA Breaks Down Every Track On New EP ‘Fire In The Sky’

4 November 2022 | 11:27 am | Staff Writer

‘Fire In The Sky’ is out now!

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A compelling arrival as she embarks on her tour, Northern Rivers songstress JESA unveils her cathartic EP, Fire In The Sky

Blurring genre lines with bold expression and emotional depth, Fire In The Sky unmasks the purity of JESA’s unique sound and inner strength as she navigates life’s journey. Featuring moving releases, You Before Me, Black Swan and focus track Under-Deeper, Fire In The Sky spotlights JESA’s raw and intuitive storytelling, offering moments of reflection, relatability and growth.

Strumming on the road, JESA is gracing QLD and NSW stages with her captivating Fire In The Sky tour. Wrapping up her first show in Eltham, she is set to perform at Can You Keep A Secret in Brisbane Friday 28 October, Stray Espresso in Evans Head Saturday 5 November, Jams Bar in Newcastle Thursday 10 November and 107 Projects in Sydney Thursday 17 November.

JESA won hearts with her debut single You Before Me being premiered on triple j’s Roots ‘N All, before going on to receive praise far and wide and opening for Kim Churchill. Continuing to take the reins in her creative career, JESA has released Fire In The Sky across Bandcamp in a move to spotlight the importance of paying artists for their work.

We’re so delighted to bring you this exclusive track by track, as JESA talks us through each individual track: the creation, sentiment, and everything in between.


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1. Fighting With A Mirror 

Growing up in the era of reality TV, celebrity obsession and the beginnings of social media JESA depicts the toxic culture of dieting, body shaming, ageism in Fighting With A Mirror. Glitchy piano, a bass line and conservational-like lyrics "shave your legs and cut your hair... pick your skin and make your eyebrows thin..."

The song opens with a discussion of the grooming pressures on young women. JESA contrasts the aggressive strums of the acoustic guitar and rolling drums with her sweet angelic voice. An anthemic message is drilled home about waving goodbye to comparison as she yet again so perfectly articulates the modern society with empathy, compassion and well-articulated rage. 

2. Under-Deeper

This track doesn't hold back with its reckless, angsty and explosive energy splattered all over this track. JESA makes the listener feel suffocated with aggressive drums, pushy bassline and swirling electric guitars.

At the time of writing JESA admits, "My mum called me on the phone and said she had a nightmare I was drowning, and I realised in that moment that's exactly how I felt. I was at the lowest I'd ever been in my life, having suicidal thoughts and my depression felt inescapable." Building with every single section Under-Deeper is a drug for rage hungry folks looking for a headbanging stress release. 

3. Black Swan 

A melting pot of swaying drums, poetry, smooth guitar lines and buttery vocals JESA confesses all her depth in Black Swan. Burn the sage, light the candles and sink down into the bath and listen closely to the mantras JESA so effortlessly shares. The line "I was blinded I'm relighting my fire in the sky" is where the EP title was drawn from and signifies the moment of true acceptance, reclamation and transmutation. 

Centered right in the middle of Fire In The Sky, JESA sees this track as a crucial turning point in life written when she finally stopped running from her depression, substance abuse and began to make changes to be healthier and happier. 

4. You Before Me 

After her first ever big break-up, JESA wept over the piano scribbling lyrics for You Before Me. Drenched in synths, groovy electric guitar and pop production, this song soon transformed into an anthem of self-love. Written about the unhealthy nature of putting other people on pedestal JESA delivers sweetheart vocals, brutally honest lyrics and shimmering moments of playfulness in this one. 

5. Keep Walking 

Keep Walking was written through the tender eyes of sixteen-year-old JESA. Drenched in sunshine this classic folk-pop track paints a portrait of an innocent child-like view of the world full of optimism and hope. Inspired by her folk heroes Ben Howard, The Head and The Heart and The Paper Kites are heard in the simple instrumentation of a finger-picked guitar, a whistle and gentleness of the rhythm section.

JESA says, "Some of the happiest moments of my life were being a grubby child, eating veggies from the garden, swimming in creeks, riding horses and climbing trees - I wanted to capture the joy, playfulness and freedom of that time." A spontaneous banjo solo, romantic piano chords and soft oohs explore these images through this happy-go-lucky song Keep Walking.


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