INFJ by Ryan Martin John – Premiere

23 March 2023 | 10:02 am | Staff Writer

'INFJ' is out March 24!

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Our March 24, self-produced singer-songwriter, Ryan Martin John revels in intimate storytelling on his latest single, INFJ

With his 70s inspired country-folk flare, the single is a taste of his debut album, Goodness Gracious Graceless, due on April 28.

Winding guitar riffs and rich country vocals, INFJ is a folk tune that finds gratitude in the cards dealt. An intimately sweet, raw song bursting with instrumental. 

A familiar tune, each aspect from the hopeful melody of piano to the twang in the guitar solos, cradles the emotion-driven lyrics. Like finding a treasure in the archives, John encapsulates the tenderness of the inspiring origins in INFJ.   

INFJ is a track based on the Myers Briggs personality test. After taking the test and finding himself to be categorised as an introverted, intuitive feeling, judgemental person (INFJ), John found inspiration.

Navigating the experience of being an introverted musician, he states, “As a musician I'm often wanting to use my platform for good change, but because I'm introverted, I find it hard to be a loud voice among the rabble. This song acknowledges that and makes peace with it in a triumphant declaration.”

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Recorded, mixed and produced by John himself, the track is more than just a modern country-folk tune. The wide-renowned recording engineer went to the roots of his inspirations of late 60s and early 70s country, using the same microphones and recording techniques of those decades.  

Using ribbon microphones whilst live recording all instruments and vocals in the same room, each aspect of INFJ and John’s debut album was intentional to give the warm, crunchy sounds as homage to the inspiration.

Listen to the song below!

Making an impact in Australian music scene already, the solo artist has already seen his track I’ve Been Waiting maintain Top 10 in the AMRAP Metro Charts for three weeks upon release last year.

Receiving two consecutive industry shortlist nominations for best studio and producer in the Music SA Awards, John’s artistry does not go unnoticed. In This Together, a track that John co-wrote with Nancy Bates, saw over 100k streams upon its release for Reconciliation Week in 2020.

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