Hot Blood by Jack Biilmann – Premiere

13 April 2023 | 9:38 am | Mallory Arbour

'Hot Blood' drops Friday, April 14.

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Canberra-based troubadour, Jack Biilmann will drop his new single, Hot Blood, this Friday, April 14 as well as an intimate live performance video to accompany the release. Blending elements of blues, rock, soul, country and folk, the song touches on family, tradition, and honour.

"I wrote Hot Blood about a large bend of my personality,” Jack says. “Since I was young, I’d always tackle things head on, stand up for what I believed in, call out what was wrong and be very proud of my working-class family background. I have much to thank this attitude for.

“This 'hot blood' is a characteristic of my father’s side of the family and has always served me well as even when my methods aren’t successful, lessons are learnt, some are harsh truths but if you can’t face them you won’t grow. The track has a very energetic persona using flavours of blues, country and folk to convey a very robust statement.”

Hot Blood is the first single off Jack’s upcoming album, Divided Mind, set for release later this year. The album is a double-sided concept record that shows off his diverse range.

He says, Hot blood is the first single off a very unique record with a two-sided concept. Side A was written for, recorded live and acoustic in The Round Plain Church, Rocky Plain, NSW via generator power and outboard recording equipment. Side B was recorded with the full band in the studio in Rock/Blues mode. Hot Blood is the first glimpse of what Side A is about.”

The accompanying music video, which premieres today exclusively on Countrytown, was recorded live at the Round Plain Church, Rocky Plain, NSW. It features Sara Flint from Canberra-based dub, hip hop and pop duo, Apricot Ink on backing vocals.

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Jack adds, "The Church was owned my Jack Biilmann Senior (My grandfather) in 1965 which he immediately fenced off and donated back to the community. The Round Plain, Cemetery backs onto the church which holds the remains of my oldest Biilmann relatives. The video showcases the beautiful space both visually and acoustically as the song was captured live.”

Watch the music video below or via the link here!

After 10 years of national and international touring, a world famous Maton guitars endorsement, hundreds of thousands of streams, four albums and a reputation for a hell of a live show, Jack has paved a reputation as one of Australia’s most talented artists in the blues/roots/rock scene.

He has played over a hundred live shows and festivals per year while sharing the stage on the festival circuit with some of the country’s biggest artists including John Farnham, The Cat Empire, Tash Sultana, Kingswood, You Am I, Bobby Alu, Citizen Kay, Ian Moss, Mat McHugh (The Beautiful Girls), Jay Whalley (Frenzal Rhomb), Abbe May and Kim Churchill.


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