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Hooked By Bonnie Kellett – Video Premiere

1 February 2023 | 9:55 am | Staff Writer

'Hooked' is out now!

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Since its release last year, we’ve been ‘hooked’ with Bonnie Kellett’s latest single. Written with Scott Hardy and Dennis Stojanovski, Hooked is the fourth single from Bonnie's soon to be released debut album. The song brings out yet another side of herself in the hook-filled country pop groove.

Lyrically, Hooked is about innocence and addiction to love – the kind of unrequited love where one person is head over heels, while the other is not as invested, yet keeps returning, knowing the other one is addicted like a drug. While one is not emotionally checked in, the other is in a never-ending cycle of not knowing where they truly stand.

“As with a lot of the tracks on my upcoming album, this song is about finding the positive through the negative,” says Bonnie. “It’s about finding empowerment and reclaiming your worth when faced with difficult situations. With Hooked it’s about learning how to say no and to let go when something no longer serves you. It’s about finding out how strong you really can be.”

Co-written by Bonnie while in Nashville, Hooked also features the violin her late father gave her as a child, which is over 100 years old. Bonnie’s father’s banjo is also on the track, played by the song’s producer, ARIA award-winning Govinda Doyle.

The music video, which premieres today exclusively on Countrytown, stars Bonnie and Alex Blenkin in the lead roles and was filmed by Jake Davey Studios.

Bonnie adds, “When watching [the music video], you'll notice the scenes rewind and go backwards… which represents being stuck in a cycle and being addicted to the wrong kind of love.”

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Watch the video below!

A passionate performer, Bonnie is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and violinist. Particularly inspired by singer-songwriters Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift, Shania Twain and Amy Shark, Bonnie’s lyrics are raw and authentic with a pinch of attitude and wit. With skills in looping, she also draws creativity from musicians such as Ed Sheeran to incorporate her violin into her live solo performances.

Growing up with a musical family in Willunga (a small country town an hour south of Adelaide, Bonnie was brought up on folk festivals and jam nights. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Music from the Australian Institute of Music and an Advanced Diploma, she has performed alongside artists like Jon English, Kasey Chambers and Lee Kernaghan as well as in Nashville. She was also a Groundwater’s KIX Start competition finalist in 2021.

Keep up to date with Bonnie Kellett on her Facebook page here.