Front Deck Boom Box: Talitha Jae

28 September 2021 | 10:13 am | Mallory Arbour

We caught up with Cairns-based singer-songwriter Talitha Jae to find out what songs she’s listening to for this week’s Front Deck Boom Box.

Cairns-based singer-songwriter Talitha Jae is currently two singles in to the release of her debut EP, Spilt T, which was released in August. Whilst her musical style does sit on the fence of folk, indie, pop, country, jazz and blues, Talitha’s melodic mash up tells quite a relatable narrative, her soft, angelic and dulcet tones engaging the listener from the beginning.

Born into a musical family in Mackay and having a natural affinity for music, Talitha made the move to Far North Queensland in 2013 and it was here that she began to really evolve and grow her confidence for song writing. Since 2018, the accolades began to roll in with her original songs affirming her as a top 10 national finalist (2018) and semi-finalist (2020) for Listen Up Music’s Songwriting Awards, placing third in the folk/acoustic category of the 2019 Australian Songwriters Association Awards and placing second at the Tablelands Folk Festival Songwriting Competition.

Talitha has also supported the likes of Pierce Brothers, The Wolfe Brothers and her most notable career highlight and an artist that she can call one of her favourites, Australian singer-songwriter Clare Bowditch. She will perform at Tropical North Queensland’s Savannah In The Round this Queen’s Birthday long weekend (1-3 October).

We caught up with Talitha to find out what songs she’s listening to for this week’s Front Deck Boom Box.

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Robert Cini – Different Road

This guy is an award-winning singer-songwriter from Far North Queensland. He’s pretty amazing and I think he just has the most beautiful voice and such relatable, catchy songs! Different Road is all about feeling a bit different to everyone else and has such a fun vibe. This one actually won him an Australian Songwriters Association Award in 2019.

Niki Vella Power – In A Tropical Rainforest

This song takes me back to my childhood (possibly because it’s my mum). I’ve been loving it lately because it just creates such a beautiful, peaceful scene in my mind– it’s a bit of a vibe and exactly what I’ve needed to take me out of the craziness of the world for a little while and into my happy place.

Clare Bowditch – Thin Skin

This one is particularly getting me at the moment. With everything currently going on in the world, it can seem all too much for a thin-skinned person like me. This song not only makes us over-feely people feel less alone, but also celebrates the fact that we can experience the world differently to others … even if it’s really hard some days. 

John Mayer – Last Train Home

I’ve become a John Mayer fan over the last couple of years. I knew his bigger songs, but only just started really getting into it and listening to everything properly. He’s got so many great songs and this new one is no exception. I love the old-school feel of this song and the Maren Morris cameo in there as well! 

Amber Lawrence – Outrageous

I’ve only recently discovered I can ask Siri to play me some songs while I’m on the road and she makes a playlist of things I might like. I kind of feel that people think I’m a bit outrageous trying to follow my dream and this song was comforting and encouraging all wrapped in a fun little bundle.

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