Front Deck Boom Box: Route 33

12 September 2023 | 3:22 pm | Ellie Robinson

We caught up with Route 33 to find out what songs they’re listening to for this week’s Front Deck Boom Box.

Route 33

Route 33 (Supplied)

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Queensland country duo Route 33 have been truckin’ on through the year with a couple of massive single releases, first dropping the Brooke Schubert-assisted Simple Things in March, then the instantly infectious One Big Song in August.

Inspired by the life-affirming memories that shaped them – “the experiences they had shared and the times still to come” – One Big Song is defiantly optimistic. Upon its release, the pair (comprised of Trent McArdle and Jock Barnes) explained that they wrote it to reflect the feeling “that all too often, people are focused on the negatives and how quickly life can pass by, rather than living in the moment and cherishing the good times”.

The song was co-written with Gavin Carfoot and produced by Jared Adlam, and marks another stunning leap forward for the up-and-coming duo. Since releasing their debut single (Last First Kiss) in November 2016, Route 33 have come to be known as one of Australia’s premiere country acts, performing at such iconic festivals as CMC Rocks, the Tamworth Country Music Festival, the Gympie Music Muster, Savannah in The Round and the Groundwater Country Music Festival.

The pair released their debut album, The Switch, in February 2017, followed by Coro Drive in August 2019. Before moving on to their third full-length effort, they’ve dropped a stack of standalone singles: Summertime Love arrived just months after LP2 in November of 2019, followed by a trilogy of tunes in 2021 – She Knows What She’s Doing, Quarter Past You and Troublemaker – and then another two songs last year (Free and Right Girl, Wrong Time).

While they sure know how to stack up their own list of hits, they’re also quite adept at making playlists of other acts’ bangers. Route 33 are this week’s Front Deck Boom Box stars – check out their song choices below (courtesy of McArdle).

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Taylor Moss – Real Man

It’s always a danger doing a ballad after having success with poppy, upbeat songs, but Taylor has gone down the sentimental ballad path and nailed it. She is obviously giving praise to her dad and what he has done for her growing up, but my partner lost her father to cancer two years ago and it’s really resonated with her. She sent me the song not knowing it was Taylor’s, thinking it was a massive American act.

James Johnston + Zac & George – Some Things Never Change

These two acts, in my opinion, have the next big chance to crack the USA market Morgan Evans style, so teaming up to write and release this was always a recipe for success and they nailed it. It’s great lyrically as well as a super catchy song that I think will spend a lot of time on the charts.

Brooke Schubert – Burn Like Summer

We have a soft spot for Brooke after she featured on our last single, but in our opinion, she’s the best female vocalist in country at the moment. This new song is catchy, high energy and after listening to it once, I couldn’t stop singing it. She absolutely nails it live, which I got to see at her single Launch.

The Wolfe Brothers – Love Like That (featuring The Shires)

The Wolfe Brothers have constantly set the bar very high in Aussie country music throughout the last decade and this song is no different. Their raspier tones work in so well with the harmonies of feature act The Shires. The meaningful ballad seems to be making a return and they are definitely riding the success of it with this excellent track.

Matt Cornell & Adam Brand – Our Church

This song was written at a big song writing session we were involved in and was used as one of Matt’s first releases in a while – and he certainly picked a cracking song to do it with. With his best mate, Adam Brand, the song has almost ‘90s soul vibes in the production and absolutely suits both the boys vocals.