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Front Deck Boom Box: Michael Day

25 October 2022 | 11:27 am | Mallory Arbour

We caught up with Michael Day to find out what songs he’s been listening to for this week’s Front Deck Boom Box.

Michael Day

Michael Day (Image: Supplied/Rhyan Lyndon-James)

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A musician since a young age, Perth Hills-born singer-songwriter Michael Day crafted his enveloping musical style after years spent listening to leaders of the indie genre, including the likes of Josh Pyke, Angus & Julia Stone, and The Lumineers.

A reflective person by nature, Michael translated this introspective focus into his music once again when he formed his current band in 2019. Backed by musical comrades Rhyan Lyndon-James, Ben Humphreys, and Dave Rajendram, Michael’s sound is as folky as it is melancholic and ambient, with the sum of all these parts being illustrated in vibrant detail on latest single, Psych or the Priest.

The song is a reflection on the turbulent nature of dealing with anxiety and depression and sees Michael drawing influence from the likes of singer-songwriter Gregory Alan Isakov.

“The song started as a reflection on the emotions I had around the time, specifically the feeling of drowning,” Michael explains. “As I sat on a train, thinking about the past number of years, thinking ‘What just happened?’, I felt like I was watching life as a montage and had no control over any of it, which left me feeling somewhat sad and useless, and maybe for the first time, I felt the feeling of hopelessness.”

The track comes paired with a powerful, ethereal, and visually breathtaking film clip which sees him working with Harry James Blyth to craft a visual which contextualises the message of Psych or the Priest, and ultimately tells a story of triumph and catharsis. Filmed around the Mundaring Hills area, the clip also has a personal connection for Michael, with the locations portrayed also part of where he spent time growing up.

We caught up with Michael Day to find out what songs he’s been listening to for this week’s Front Deck Boom Box.

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1. Jacob Wylde - The Afternoon

Jacob Wylde is a friend who I’ve known for a long time. He recently released another EP titled Alive, Alive. Jacob always writes beautifully crafted songs which strike at your heart. The Afternoon is no different. It’s calming, warm and thought provoking. He has a way of playing guitar that makes the guitar feel like another voice or a harmony, it’s like the guitar sings with him. Listen while lying down in the sun with headphones on.

 2. Riley Pearce - Nostalgia

Riley Pearce entered my listening with Elephants in 2018, which really drew me into the local music scene to see how many amazing local artists there are! Nostalgia is off Riley’s 2022 album The Water & The Rough. Like the title, it really is nostalgic. It makes you think of old photographs and those old carpets that used to be in your family home. I love the subtle synth in the background, his harmonies, and his chilled guitar. This song just makes me relax.

3. Joan & The Giants - Slow Motion 

Slow Motion by Joan & the Giants is often in my head without realizing. It is off their 2022 EP, Me & You. It has a catchy hook; the verses are dreamy with space and beautiful synth. I really like the space that this song lives in. The electric guitars, reverb-y backing vocals and snare drum, it just makes you feel like you're dreaming. It feels like that moment lying on the swag giving your wife a snuggle in the sun.

4. Raymondouu - Xela

Triple J High finalist Raymondouu is a beautiful songwriter with a really unique voice. Xela is off his 2021 EP Robot Romance. It has a simple arrangement with the main driving force being the acoustic guitar. I love the embellishments, like garnish to a good meal, built around the guitar, his airy backing vocals, the little acoustic guitar run, the synth that feels like you’ve fallen into heaven. The whole thing comes together with a big crescendo at the end that feels like floating or falling and you’re not sure which one. Love it.     

5. Jordy Maxwell - As You Go

Jordy Maxwell is becoming a West Aussie Staple. We love Him. As You Go is off his 2021 EP The Sweetest Days. The production is beautiful. The song is light-hearted, yet full of deep feelings. It’s reflective. It makes you think about the person you love and be thankful for them if they are with you or feel the loss of them if not. The harmonica kicks in to add this extra sense of longing. The underlying synth just holds the piece up, so it floats, being driven by the kick. It makes you feel things.    

I have created a playlist with all the songs I’m currently listening to that have influenced Psych or the Priest in some way. It includes the above songs. It’s currently titled ‘Porch Thoughts’. 

I don't know if I’m fully convinced of the title, but it does reflect how I feel like these songs are best listened to.


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