Front Deck Boom Box: Kiara Rodrigues

7 March 2023 | 12:45 pm | Mallory Arbour

We caught up with Kiara Rodrigues to find out what songs she’s been listening to for this week’s Front Deck Boom Box.

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Kiara Rodrigues, who is currently based in Sydney, fell in love with country music when she moved to North Queensland at nine years old and has since emerged as one of the industry's rising stars.

Her career in country music, spanning 16 years, has seen her achieve the title of Triple World Champion (Country, Gospel, Rock) at the ‘World Championships of Performing Arts’ in Hollywood, Junior Aristocrat ‘Country Entertainer of the Year’ and the 2013 ‘Voice of Urban’. In 2019, she was recognised as a 5 X semi-finalist in the Tamworth Songwriters Association awards, her song Mr Vanity, earning her Comedy/Novelty ‘Song Of The Year’.

Additional career highlights include singing at the world famous ‘Tootsies’ in Nashville, singing the National Anthem at Broncos vs Cowboys NRL games, and graduating from the CMAA Senior Academy of Country Music. Kiara has performed with the likes of Beccy Cole, Melinda Schneider, Carter & Carter, Bill Chambers and Pete Denahy.

Written with Nashville-based Aussie expat, Katrina Burgoyne at The CMAA Academy of Country Music senior course, her latest single, Message In A Bottle, is a song about heartbreak, drinking and self-sabotage.

“It was a song I’d half started and kept in the cupboard but not really looked at, and when I found out who my co-writing partner would be, I knew exactly which song I wanted to work on with Katrina,” Kiara said. “Any good country heartbreak song involves drinking, but one wine and I’m asleep, so I’ve used plenty of creative licence in this song. It’s about knowing that there’s a whole lot ahead of you in terms of the healing process, but tonight you’re relying on that bottle of wine.”

We caught up with Kiara Rodrigues to find out what songs she’s been listening to for this week’s Front Deck Boom Box.

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1. Amber Lawrence & Casey Donovan – Rise 

This is one of my favourite collaborations, Amber and Casey have totally nailed it! I’ve been a fan of both these powerhouses for a long time, and what they’ve made together is absolute magic. The quality of the vocals is insane, and you’d struggle to find harmonies more seamless than these. This song lifts me up on a bad day!

2. Hayley Marsten – Bittersweet at Best  

I played Hayley’s Spectacular Heartbreak album on repeat, so, of course, I am frothing her new stuff too. When Hayley Marsten writes, she makes you feel - and this song takes me back to every heartache I’ve ever experienced. The one-shot music video is a perfect complement to the raw emotion this song so honestly conveys.

3. Loren Ryan – Bounce Back 

Two words - TOTAL.BANGER. Co-written with Billie-Jo Porter, this song is an earworm and a must have on any “getting ready for a night out” playlist. It’s fun, sassy and lovable and really captures who Loren is as an artist. It was an honour to stand beside Loren and see her take out the title of the 2023 Toyota Star Maker.

4. Tori Darke – Dodged a Bullet 

We’ve all been there, where we’ve looked back on a relationship and realised how grateful we are to have “Dodged a Bullet”. Tori has captured this feeling perfectly and the song is just way too catchy! It gives major Lady A vibes (in the best way). I’ve loved Tori’s work since her You Better Run Days, and she just keeps getting better!

5. Kaylee Bell – Boots & All  

Kaylee brings the Shania Twain vibes into 2023, and I am here for it! It feels like a throwback and a breath of fresh air all at once. Co-written with MSquared Productions and Emily Hatton, this song has ‘hit’ written all over it. The song has a great message about staying true to yourself, and finding someone who loves you “Boots and All”.


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