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Front Deck Boom Box: Emily Clair

7 June 2022 | 1:29 pm | Staff Writer

We caught up with Emily Clair to find out what songs she’s listening to for this week’s Front Deck Boom Box.

Emily Clair

Emily Clair (Image: Supplied/Pharaoh Photography)

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Canadian country artist, Emily Clair grew up in a musical family and showed early artistic inklings by singing herself to sleep as a child. Being raised around music brought out a natural singing voice, and ten years of vocal and piano lessons that soon followed.

After performing in talent shows and recitals, which found her singing everything from Aretha Franklin to Corrine Bailey Rae, a high school teacher introduced Clair to country music through the Dixie Chicks, who proved to be a lasting musical influence. As she continued towards adulthood, Clair picked up an acoustic guitar and worked hard to hone her craft as a songwriter by capturing her life in lyrics and using passion and truth as a means of forming an emotional connection with every listener.

Her latest single, Kiss Strangers goes against the common country music perception that women dwell on past relationships by indulging in ice cream or wine, and instead offers a sassy and empowering message for how strong, single women can move on from heartbreak.

Written by Clair with David Borys and Bobbi Smith, Kiss Strangers is the first single from Clair’s debut album, Stealing Hearts and it comes after five consecutive Top 40 singles on CBC Country/Sirius XM in Canada – two of which made the semi-finals of the Unsigned Only Music Competition.

We caught up with Emily to find out what songs she’s listening to for this week’s Front Deck Boom Box.


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1. Heart Like A Truck by Lainey Wilson

The second I heard her unique voice, I knew it was only a matter of time before Lainey Wilson would make it big. She has such a distinct sound that you can't forget! Every single song she's released is outstanding, and the lyrics behind her songs are impactful. Each song tells a great story with a fresh concept. When I listen to Heart Like a Truck, the vocals are powerful, and there is so much depth and dynamics in her performance. She pulls you in during each moment and just when you think the song can't get any better, well it does! Lainey Wilson is the real deal; she is a true talent. 

2. Where Did All The Cowboys Go by Abby Anderson

Abby Anderson has this stunning, effortless, and soulful voice that I gravitate towards when listening to her music. The mix of grit and soul in her voice captures every ounce of emotion in her vocal performance, giving me all the feels! She's got a sweet pop/country sound with a hint of grit and soul. Where Did all The Cowboys Go certainly pulled on my heart strings the first time I heard it, and has easily become a favourite song of mine. I love heartfelt songs, and though this song is stripped back and simple, sometimes simplicity in a song is all that you need to create a beautiful masterpiece. 

3. Hummingbird by Maren Morris

Maren's new album Humble Quest has been a blessing to my ears, and Hummingbird was the first song off the album that I fell in love with. It's definitely one of my favourites from the record. What drew me to this song was how simple, yet distinct and unique it was. The entire album I would describe as "different". I didn't expect Maren Morris to drop an album like this because of her previous pop/country releases. It almost has some Kacey Musgraves vibes. I applaud her on this song and album. She thought outside the box and continues to make history once again!

4. Maggie Ray by Wesley Dean

I stumbled upon Wesley Dean on a Spotify playlist, and since then I've been mesmerized by his voice and range. Maggie Ray is that song I crank up, roll the windows down, and sing along to! He's a sound of country, Americana and rock all intertwined. It’s so powerful and soulful that you'll stop in your tracks when you hear his voice. When I listen to Wesley, my air guitar skills certainly are put to good use. If you haven't heard of this magnificent artist, I truly hope that you connect with him the same way that I did! 

5. Actin' Up by Miranda Lambert

The Queen of Country has done it again! Miranda Lambert is another artist who has genuinely created her own style and sound in country music. Actin' Up is such a fun song that will instantly grab your attention. It's almost shocking because it's so eccentric. The guitar on this track is really unique and it slowly builds up an interesting groove that you can't get enough of! Each song and album that Miranda has released over the last two years has really built a path for her own lane in country music. She is the definition of an artist – continuously creating her own sound and bringing authenticity to the industry. She is captivating and simply pure, country magic!


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