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Front Deck Boom Box: Elisha Francesca

14 September 2021 | 11:06 am | Mallory Arbour

We caught up with singer-songwriter and musician, Elisha Francesca to find out what songs she’s listening to for this week’s Front Deck Boom Box.

Elisha Francesca is an honest singer-songwriter and musician currently based in Melbourne, Australia. She spent a decent amount of time in the U.S from 2015 onwards. Between travelling and studying, she found herself surrounded by all kinds of music and songwriters. She was provided many opportunities from performing on stage at B.B Kings Blues Club in Memphis to jazz club Bamboulas in New Orleans, leading Christian churches/conferences in praise and worship across California and supporting Christian artists such as Jadon Lavik and Bill Welsh.

It wasn’t until Elisha visited Nashville in 2018, that she realised her calling was to write songs of country, infused with blues and gospel. She has since performed with Kasey Chambers, and supported artists like Lyn Bowtell and Carter & Carter.

Influenced by Gillian Welch and Kristy Cox, the 2020 CMAA Academy Of Country Music graduate recently released her debut EP, Thoughts & Feelings, which debuted at #8 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter Albums Chart Australia. The EP was recorded and mixed by Damian Cafarella and mastered by Josh Reynolds, Nashville TN.

We caught up with Elisha to find out what songs she’s listening to for this week’s Front Deck Boom Box.

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Grandad's Guitar - Katelann Maree  

Katelann Maree is a genuine person with a heart full of gold and so much more ... these characteristics beam right through her songs with her EP reflecting the person she is. Grandad's Guitar is her story of how she found her love for music and where the inspiration was drawn from. Not only are the lyrics beautiful and touching, but the music is very catchy ... you'll find yourself singing along with her no doubt! 

Home Sweet Heart - Jacy Gibbs   

Jacy Gibbs is a dear friend of mine who released her debut EP, The One About Love last year. The whole EP is beautiful and absolutely breathtaking. Jacy is a talented singer-songwriter and musician with a unique voice and, as much as I love ALL the songs, Home Sweet Heart gives me all the feels and emotions. Every time I hear it, I say out loud - "This song needs to feature in a Hallmark movie!" If you know, you know!

When I Meet My Maker - Tenille Townes   

I immediately fell in love with Tenille's songwriting when I first heard her song Somebody's Daughter, and I've been inspired by her work ever since. As I listen to her songs, I close my eyes and watch these stories unfold, lyrically and musically it is all so captivating. I can relate to When I Meet My Maker specifically and am encouraged by these lyrics, being reminded of my relationship with Jesus Christ and how it's not temporary, but eternal

Fear is a Liar - Zach Williams 

Zach Williams is an amazing artist with a great line up of songs! Fear is a Liar was the first song I ever heard from Zach. I had never heard a voice like his before and was instantly drawn. The lyrics are circumstances that most can relate to, and my favourite thing is the song being catchy has the listeners singing along and declaring those words, "Fear is a liar"... It’s such a beautiful song with a beautiful message and melody! 

Every Day Man - Kristy Cox 

Kristy's most recent album No Headlights is an absolute blast and has made it in my top playlist. This album has inspired me and has an influence on the way I write now. The songs are full of energy and so much talent! Every Day Man is a personal favourite with its simplicity and sweetness joined together with a beautiful story. 

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