Front Deck Boom Box: Duncan Toombs

26 July 2022 | 12:00 pm | Mallory Arbour

We caught up with Duncan Toombs to find out what songs he’s been listening to for this week’s Front Deck Boom Box.

Duncan Toombs

Duncan Toombs (Image: Supplied)

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For more than twenty years, seven-time Golden Guitar Award winner, Duncan Toombs has been quietly kicking massive goals in the Australian country music industry.

He’s toured and recorded with Kasey Chambers, Adam Brand and Lee Kernaghan (to name a few) and was an integral member of the Golden Guitar award winning group the Adam Eckersley Band for 3 years. He’s perhaps best known as the filmmaker behind countless great music videos at The Filmery, but recently he added one more feather to his cap, with the release of his debut single, Run.

Toombs is thrilled to be finally sharing his own songs with the world, including the 12 original songs about his life, family and love set to feature on his forthcoming debut album, Steel On Steel. He’s currently on tour including solo shows and dates with Lyn Bowtell, Drew McAlister, Mike Carr, Adam Harvey, Beccy Cole and his brother Andy as The Toombs Brothers.

To celebrate his debut release, we caught up with Duncan Toombs to find out what songs he’s been listening to for this week’s Front Deck Boom Box.


Kaylee Bell - Keith

I’ve been a fan of Kaylee Bell since I first heard her sing. Her voice is absolutely amazing. The groove and the beat of Keith takes me back to the 80’s, which is the music I grew up on. As cool and tricky the lyrics are woven, I really dig how the guitar parts are also played in the style that Keith Urban himself probably would have attacked the tune. 

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Adam Brand - All or Nothing

There’s a lot of reasons why I love this new tune of Adam Brand’s. I tend till live my life as the title suggests. It’s usually all or nothing for me. With every thought-provoking lyric, I’m more inspired to keep moving forward. I spent 5 years on the road playing guitar for Brandy, and I love it when he sings from the heart, and he sure does in this tune. 

Jimmy Barnes & Troy Cassar-Daley - Shutting Down Our Town

What an epic combo. It’s always magic when these 2 voices collide. This tune has so much heart and grit. I loved watching Jimmy Barnes’ lounge room family jams through covid. Jimmy loved to pull out the old country gospel tunes. I think he must have been raised in that stuff. I’d love to hear Troy Cassar-Daley and Jimmy do an old gospel tune. 

Lee Brice - Hard to Love

When I first hear the guitar, I hear the song Fast Car by Tracey Chapman. Drums come in and I hear Learning to Fly by Tom Petty. But then Lee Brice starts singing and all you are concentrating on is the incredible tone of his voice. It’s a cool song that we all can relate to. Hard to believe... but even I can be hard to love at times. Ha!

Andrew Swift - Young Lovers

The melody and groove of this track is so infectious. I love Swifty’s big chorus vocal. The man seems to have no limits on how high he can smash out his vocal. The harmony singer on the track is Gretta Ziller who has such a great blend with Andrew Swift. I absolutely love how they sound together. Special mention to the 80’s style guitar track… love it!


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