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Evergreen by Miller Yule – Video Premiere

8 March 2022 | 11:50 am | Mallory Arbour

Miller Yule's new single 'Evergreen' was recently named a semi-finalist in three categories in the International Songwriting Competition.

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We are elated to be able to bring you the accompanying music video for Evergreen, the new single by Auckland singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Miller Yule in this exclusive premiere! It's our Song of the Day!

The track was mostly recorded at Roundhead Studio A, with additional recording at Big Pop Studios - both located in Auckland. Evergreen was produced by Greg Haver, engineered by Scott Seabright, mixed by Clint Murphy, and mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound in Nashville. The recording assistants at Roundhead were Emily Wheatcroft-Snape, Patrick Hill, and Angus Grainger.

Evergreen was recently named a semi-finalist in three categories in the International Songwriting Competition, including ‘Adult Album Alternative’, ‘Unpublished’ and ‘Unsigned’.

Miller says, “After my last single Lock Me Up, which is all about being in the jaws of unrequited love and trying to steal someone’s heart, Evergreen can almost be described as ‘the sequel’. I’m no longer on the run as a fugitive after committing the crime of stealing your heart. Instead, we’re running away together, road tripping, hot late summer nights with the music turned up loud, having a good time losing ourselves in the moment and wanting that moment to last forever. We’ve all been there and we’re all nostalgic about having been there, so this song is to remember those ‘late night, street light, summertime dreaming’ moments. Let’s get lost again!"

From redwoods, snow fields and leafy parks, to create the road trip-themed music video, Miller teamed up with director Shae Sterling, whom he worked with on Lock Me Up. 

Miller says, “Evergreen was a really fun video to make. The bulk of the video is actually made up of photograph stills, more than 2000 of them over the course of the video. The hardest part was probably the steering wheel scene where I had to jump-squat in tight jeans and several layers of clothing, take a few steps forward and jump-squat again. We did that about 100 times. My legs were burning. Other than that, I'd like to see Yamaha Keyboard Skating/Snowboarding at the next X-Games please!”

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Miller began playing the drums at age 11 and dreamed of being in a rock band so much that he would organise his own tours of local primary schools and dress up as a combination of his musical heroes to perform. Shortly after picking up the drums, his older brother taught him how to play Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes on the electric guitar. Finally, his father’s record collection of Bob Dylan, Dire Straits, Elton John, and Bruce Springsteen inspired Miller to begin his own musical journey in 2016.

His introductory folky-pop EP, Shoot Me In The Heart debuted at #4 on the New Zealand Albums Chart. He played every instrument on the EP and it was recorded and mixed by Miller and his producer/engineer father, Phil Yule, which earned them a joint NZ Music Award nomination that year. The EP’s folk-pop and honest song writing aesthetic proved popular with legendary American songwriter Ben Harper who asked Miller to join him on his 2016 New Zealand tour.

Miller’s 2017 single Diamonds opened the door and shed a light on a rockier sound and development to Miller’s songwriting. This dirtier, edgier side of Miller complemented his dynamic live performances such that in 2018 Miller released a 7-track live music and video EP (Miller Yule Live).

After planned works were halted due to the global pandemic, Miller returned in 2021 with the release of his new single Lock Me Up – a hard hitting rock song that crosses pop songwriting sensibility with a refined Americana, alt-rock sound, playing with the idea and morals of stealing someone’s heart.

Miller describes everything about Lock Me Up, Evergreen and his new direction as “bigger and better than ever. My songwriting has matured, I’m pushing my vocals to a place I haven’t been before, and I’ve had an amazing team help me produce my new sound that I’ve always had in my head. It’s a wonderful place to arrive at creatively as an artist and to now be releasing these songs into the world for everyone to hear”.

Watch the video below!


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