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Chloe Styler Breaks Down Every Track On EP ‘Side A’

18 November 2022 | 10:31 am | Mallory Arbour

‘Side A’ is out now!

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For the last two years, singer-songwriter Chloe Styler has delighted listeners with her catchy pop bops; sprinklings from her new release. 

Today, the 2020 Toyota Starmaker Grand Finalist has unveiled her long-awaited EP, Side A. Packaged with heartbreak songs and delivered with sass and confidence to the soundtrack of luscious synths and acoustic guitars, Side A serves as a deeply personal snapshot of some of the 25-year-old's most formative years.

“These songs played such a special role in my growth as a human navigating life in my early twenties and the only way I could do them justice was to wrap them up nice and pretty in an EP for you,” says Chloe. “Side A is the first instalment of a two-part project that’s been three years in the making. It’s jam packed with songs you know, some you don’t and acoustic versions of the ones you love most.”

To celebrate her new release, Chloe is bringing the songs to life at The Junk Bar in Brisbane on November 25, with Hannah May as the night’s opening act. Tickets are available here.

We’re so delighted to bring you this exclusive track by track, as Chloe Styler talks us through each individual track: the creation, sentiment, and everything in between.


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1. Consider Me Gone

Consider Me Gone is very high up on my list of ‘favourites’ from Side A (if not THE favourite). I wrote it in 30 minutes while sitting in my childhood rumpus room with a pen, paper, and acoustic guitar in hand. I found inspiration after a long, drawn-out break-up (which most of the EP is centred around). Instead of just breaking up and cutting ties all at once we dragged the process out for months longer than we needed to. But about a week before writing the song I finally felt enough was enough and that my ex should 'Consider Me Gone'. I cut ties with him for both our sakes, and shortly after this song came pouring out. It’s reflective and anthemic and reminds you to always stay true to your gut and listen to your friends! Nine times out of ten they can see when a relationship isn’t working well before you can.

2. Loving You

Loving You is the black sheep of the EP as when I wrote it, I wasn’t entirely sure it was good enough to make the final track listing. But here we are! I wrote this song after realising that every single conversation I had post-breakup centred around my ex. I was so over it. One night, I went out for dinner with my best friend and the only topic of conversation was him and we dedicate so much time and energy into dissecting what went wrong. When in the end, why did any of it matter if it was over? So, I went home and wrote this song that same night. It took some convincing to put it on the EP as I felt it was too ‘harsh’, but sometimes the most raw and honest songs are the ones that resonate most!

3. Girlfriend

Call me when you want a girlfriend, baby! I just adore this song and the fact I was lucky enough to write it with Sarah Buckley (The Buckleys). It is so much fun to perform this one live! The song came about after a few months of ‘single-life’ and recognising it wasn’t really for me. Thanks to countless night swiping through dating apps, I quickly realised that boys wanted one thing, and one thing only. Spoiler alert, it wasn’t a girlfriend! Sarah and I jumped on zoom in the middle of 2020, just before I went into the studio to record, and voila! Girlfriend was born! From the moment the idea came to life I just knew the visuals had to pink, pink and more pink! If you check out the music video, you’ll see what I mean.

4. Vaguer Than Vegas

Vaguer Than Vegas tells the light-hearted tale of a wannabe big shot. It was written about people who put on a façade of the ‘perfect life’ but, in reality, there’s nothing ‘perfect’ going on behind the scenes. I feel like we all know someone that fits that description, right?

I wrote this with my friend, Jason Resch from the band Darlinghurst, and I feel so lucky to have done so. Jason brought the song title to a zoom co-write in late 2019 and it clicked straight away. We worked with the play on words of Vaguer Than Vegas and had a lot of fun finding ways to liken those types of people to the glitz and glam of Las Vegas! Throughout you’ll be able to hear references to things that are quintessentially Las Vegas, such as snakeskin suits, little white chapels and people chasing ‘fame’. Keep an eye out for a music video one day!

5. Where We Stand

When I wrote Where We Stand, I was so, so fragile. This is the oldest song on the EP having been written in 2017 in my college dorm room. I was 20, naïve and wanting to be loved by this one guy so desperately. Turns out he had other plans, and I was left standing there to pick up the pieces.

I wrote this song in 45 minutes, played it for my friends straight away, they all cried, I cried, and I just knew it was special. Where We Stand is the epitome of a breakup song. If you can relate to it, I’m sorry, but just know it gets better! I’m 25 now and on the other side of these emotions. If you’re still in the thick of it at least, you’ll have this EP to help you through!

6. Consider Me Gone (Acoustic)

When I took Consider Me Gone to The Grove Studios for recording, we were spoilt for choice with the direction we could take it in. The main recording went in the pop/country/rock direction, but I always knew there was something soft and sentimental about the track.

So, when my producer, Andy Mak, suggested reimagining it as an acoustic version, I jumped at the idea! The pianos, strings and soft production of the acoustic version brings a whole new meaning to the lyrics and stimulates a different emotional response. I really hope you love it!

7. Girlfriend (Acoustic)

Much like Consider Me Gone, I always felt as though Girlfriend deserved a second life. So, in July this year, Andy dreamt up this acoustic rendition of the track and I couldn’t be happier with how it ended up! This version puts the lyrics at the forefront, with layers of acoustic guitars and soft BVs throughout. I’m so thankful for the love you’ve shown on the main recording of Girlfriend, and I hope you love this version just as much!


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