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Capricornia uncovered with Brad Butcher - My CountryTown

15 September 2020 | 11:51 am | Staff Writer

Regional towns are in our blood here at CountryTown! Uncovered the hidden beauty of Capricornia with local country muso Brad Butcher.

Regional towns are in our blood here at CountryTown! From Capricornia to Coles Bay, Palmerston to Bendigo. We love the pubs, the people and the places that make Australia tick. But most of all, we love the amazing country musicians our regional centers produces, like Brad Butcher.

Brad Butcher has had an amazing year so far! He's been nominated for a Queensland Music Award and his album 'Travelling Salesman' won Alt Country Album Of The Year at the 2020 Golden Guitars. Now, he's releasing his latest single I Walk The Line featuring Daniel Thompson, the fourth pull from 'Travelling Salesman'.

To get to know Brad a bit we’ve asked what he loves about his hometown, Capricornia!

1 - The Vibe

The greater Capricornia region has an old school feel. A real sense of community that has been lost of other parts of Australia. After living in the city for almost 7 years it’s so nice to return to a town where strangers greet each other on the street and still retain that safe, country town vibe.

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2 - The Coastline

Rockhampton and Yeppoon are almost joined at the hip. I love being able to drive 20mins in any direction and find open Bush land or pristine coast line. From The Caves to Keppel Island this area has a rich history and the more I discover the more it feels like home.

3 - The People

The support from this community is something to behold. Australia tends to have a tall-poppy-syndrome situation but for some reason it doesn’t appear to live in this region and I truly believe that’s proven in the talent, both athletes or in the arts, that live or have taken flight from this area. Success is hard earned and support is always hard to find but it’s refreshing to know that CQ has your back.

4 - The Family Opportunities

The Capricornia region feels like a land of opportunity. The housing market has real growth potential and with a young family it’s the kind of place I’m excited to be laying down some long term roots.

5 - Its Who I Am

I was born and raised in Mackay and moved to the South East almost a decade ago to chase the dream. Since returning to the country it’s been a great reminder of how much I’ve missed the people, the lifestyle, the ocean, burning wood on an open fire and all the hobbies I took for granted in my youth. It’s who I am and where I’m meant to be.

For more of our My CountrTown series, check out here. And you can catch Brad Butcher later this year at Country On Keppel, for tickets go here.