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Brewn Spread A Message That Is 'Positive' And Filled With 'Unity' On New Banger 'Hands Up'

24 April 2024 | 9:00 am | Mary Varvaris

To celebrate the release of 'Hands Up', singer Mick Bond caught up with a Q&A with Countrytown to let us into the world of Brewn.


Brewn (Source: Supplied)

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Canberra band Brewn understand what it’s like to find yourself at a crossroads. They captured that feeling with their latest single, Hands Up, a country-rock song that inspires listeners to take life by the horns.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Mick Bond said about the track, “Any band that has been together for almost 15 years goes through some rough patches, but our mateship and passion for music has always kept us together. This track is an anthemic tale of country music saving us at those many crossroads.”

Guitarist Anthony Barbara added, “This track unites the band, all of us equal as one. An understanding that we are all on the same path, but more importantly, of happiness in who we are. Strength in numbers is a gesture we can all relate to.”

With Hands Up, Brewn bring their live show to the studio, making for an epic track that proves why they’re more than capable of opening shows for Tim McGraw, Jimmy Barnes, and Lee Kernaghan.

To celebrate the release of Hands Up, Mick Bond caught up with a Q&A with Countrytown to let us into the world of Brewn.

First of all, huge congratulations on this ripping new single! How does it feel to have this one out there in the wild? Are you all stoked about the response it’s gotten?

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Thanks so much, Countrytown! Stoked is an understatement; we’ve had so much positive feedback. The boys are so happy to get this one out. We’ve been performing the track live for over 12 months now, and audiences seem to love it. It’s great to finally have our crowd favourite available to stream and pumping on the radio.

You’ve described Hands Up as “an anthemic tale of Country music saving us”. How exactly has the power of country music inspired you to keep going as a band for the past 15 years? What is it about this music – and the culture surrounding it – that resonates so deeply with you all?

Lots of people say it, and it may sound a bit cliche, but country music is our home. It’s our safe space, the place where we belong. The band are all country blokes at heart, including the music, the culture and most of all, the people. I know personally that country music has more than saved me. It has carried me through some bloody tough times. The people we meet and friends we have made and continue to make, the community is just the best. This keeps us going, creating and performing. It seems like if you ever think about giving up, at that moment, there is a song there to lift you up and put you back on your feet.

We’d love to know more about the story behind the song—where did the idea for Hands Up come from? 

We write as a band, normally inspired by a moment, a feel or sound that grabs our attention, usually while jamming in the studio. Hands Up was created exactly like this. Anthony (Lead Guitar) blasted this riff out of nowhere, just totally off the cuff. Then John [Barbara, drums] locked in with these tough beats that created the feel. Then, after jamming it for a while and working on the chorus, I created the chorus [and] together, we fleshed out the rest of the track. Very organic and just us in the moment loving music. We had a lot of fun writing this track and wanted that to resonate with anyone who hears it.

What do you hope listeners are able to take away from Hands Up when they listen to it for the first time? What’s the kind of message or energy you want to instil with this banger?

First of all, it's the rush, the energy of the music. We love the excitement on people’s faces when they first hear the chorus and instantly raise their hands and sing along. Every time we play it live, this is what happens; it’s a very cool thing. The message is positive; it is unity. We all stand together as one, a diverse bunch of blokes, loving and enjoying the moment together. Just doing what we do, playing country music live to make people feel good.

What can you tell us about your plans for the rest of 2024? Can we expect to catch y’all out on the road, or dropping more sweet tunes?

[We have] loads more releases coming your way! We have been writing so many tunes, and we’re pumped to share them all with you. We’re also now working with a great team that has plans to get us on the road. We hope to see you all in person real soon!

Hands Up is out now.