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Artist of the Week: Twinnie

3 June 2022 | 9:24 am | Staff Writer

CountryTown is proud to announce Twinnie, as our Artist Of The Week!


Twinnie (Image: Supplied)

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CountryTown is proud to announce English singer-songwriter and actress, Twinnie, as our Artist Of The Week, following the release of her new four-track EP, Welcome To The Club.

Born Twinnie Lee Moore, but known professionally as Twinnie, started her professional career playing Velma Kelly in the 2009/2010 production of the musical Chicago. She later appeared in the musicals A Chorus Line, Flashdance The Musical and Rock of Ages from 2010 to 2012.

Also a talented actress, Twinnie is best known for her role of Porsche McQueen in the English soap opera Hollyoaks, which she earned a Inside Soap Award nomination in 2015 forShe also appeared in the TV series Doctors (2013) and Soulmates (2020) and the films Ironclad: Battle for Blood (2014), Ruby Strangelove Young Witch (2015) and The Wife (2017) alongside Glenn Close and Christian Slater.

In 2015, she released her debut single Cool, which reached #2 on the iTunes country charts. Both Cool and the follow up Home, which reached #3 on iTunes, featured on her debut self-titled EP. Her second EP Better When I’m Drunk followed in 2019 as did her debut album, Hollywood Gypsy in 2020. The album landed at #2 on the UK Country Albums Chart.

Her new EP, Welcome To The Club delivers a crucial message of inclusivity, self-love, self-confidence, and acceptance for all. Produced by Twinnie with Ben Johnson and Johnny Reno, the collection of songs, along with their accompanying music videos, combine to create a stand-alone film. Depicting an emotional story, the project explores the different emotions we all go through, from feeling like an outsider and hiding our true feelings to embracing ourselves and accepting each other for who we are. 

Twinnie says, "This EP is a call to action to be your authentic self. It's a narrative on finding yourself and realizing that your power is in being unashamedly you. I wanted to write a collection of songs that highlight mental health issues whilst also celebrating everyone's differences, and I hope I’ve achieved that with this record. Welcome to the Club encourages everyone to break free from what holds them back."

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The EP features Dying Inside (which revisits a lost relationship, spotlighting the lie that you need to put on a show and smile through your pain), the upbeat track Something or Somebody (that calls out the never-ending cycle of enjoying life’s vices versus quitting them) as well as the previously released One Heart and title track. One Heart speaks to the gut-wrenching feeling of unrequited love, while Welcome To The Club readily empowers her movement of inclusivity.


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