What Do They Know by Tyler Braden – Song of the Day

18 June 2021 | 1:33 pm | Mallory Arbour

What Do They Know by Tyler Braden is a seize-your-moment standout, combining the epic sound of a modern-rock anthem with the inspirational soul.

Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Tyler Braden’s latest single, What Do They Know is a seize-your-moment standout, combining the epic sound of a modern-rock anthem with the inspirational soul of a can-do country ballad. It’s also our Song of the Day!

Produced by Randy Montana and co-written with Aaron Scherz, Tyler put pen to paper to describe a spirit of determination familiar to all those chasing their dreams.

Tyler says, “This is probably the most excited I’ve been to get a song out to the world, because it’s the most true-to-myself one I’ve released so far… and it’s been a long damn time coming. What started as a ‘prove them wrong’ song has become my whole team’s ‘prove us right’ anthem! I’m a huge proponent of always believing in yourself and never letting anyone or anything get you down. I try to live that every day, and that is what I wanted to say with this song. If one person gets that message, then I can move forward a happy man.”

Tyler grew up in Slapout, Alabama just miles from the graveyard memorial to Hank Williams. With parents who fostered an early appreciation for country music, guitar-playing songwriters populating the airwaves and a group of rock-loving friends by his side, he spent much of his life blending natural influences to craft a sound of his own. His early twenties saw him playing local shows and touring the southeast while serving as a firefighter and first responder, all the while working his way to Nashville. He remained in the service well after making the move to Music City, building his songwriting repertoire and even playing shows between shifts.

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Now the powerhouse vocalist and emotive lyricist has released several tracks as a major label recording artist, each to massive fan response. His first release was a powerful take on NEEDTOBREATHE’s Brother, which paid tribute to his first responder family and all those fighting on the frontlines of the pandemic. The cover quickly racked up more than two million views on YouTube. He then introduced his songwriting with Love Is A Dead End Road and follow up, Secret. He has accumulated upwards of 25 million streams organically.

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