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Weed, Wine and Women by Natalie Henry – Song of the Day

5 May 2021 | 10:11 am | Mallory Arbour

Newcastle singer-songwriter Natalie Henry recently crowd-funded her next album. The first single, Weed, Wine and Women is our Song of the Day!

Newcastle singer-songwriter Natalie Henry recently crowd-funded her next album to the tune of $15,000. The first single, Weed, Wine and Women off from the new album is our Song of the Day!

Written by Natalie and multi-award-winning singer-songwriter Catherine Britt, the alt-country track, as well as the album, was produced by Britt and Michael Muchow from Moko Productions and recorded at Rocking Horse Studios in the Bryon Bay hinterland.

Natalie says, “Weed, Wine and Women is my gritty, shameless break-up anthem. Picture day-drunk, alone in a dark room, smokin’ inside … I needed to put those vibes on this first single, because I spent a lot of 2020 feeling this way after goin’ through a breakup of my own. I didn’t wanna polish up the story tellin’ away from the authentic experience that so many of us go through …”

The music video was staged at an old motel in Brisbane, and directed and shot by Jazmyn Produces.

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Natalie adds, “Making Weed, Wine and Women was a whirlwind. I was in a tornado of feeling the pain and drowning the sorrows. You catch glimpses of the raw and red wound in this clip as it was present and only hidden by my badge of honour, and a strong desire to break free from the darkness.”

Natalie will join Melody Moko and Andrew Swift on selected dates on 'Catherine Britt’s 2021 Bush Pubs' tour from now up until the end of November. Natalie is also the first artist to be signed to Britt’s 2020-established independent record label, Beverley Hillbilly Records, and will release her forthcoming second album in September.

In 2016, Natalie and her ex-husband Brock Henry released their debut album, Cold Love as The Wayward Henrys and in 2019, she released her debut solo record, Apple & Pride.

Keep up to date with Natalie Henry on her Facebook page here.

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