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Superwoman creates a unique sound for Billie Rose - Song Of The Day

15 October 2020 | 5:32 pm | Staff Writer

Billie Rose's new single Superwoman is a slow driving anthem about building yourself up and facing the world. Its our Song Of The Day!

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North-West Queensland singer-songwriter Billie Rose has created her own country sound in new single Superwoman. Its a slow driving anthem about building yourself up and facing the world.

Born and raised in Charters Towers Billie is an incredible show of the talent that regional Queensland produces. Superwoman is a pull from Billie's upcoming debut 'Company With Regret' which was funded through the Australian Government Regional Flying Arts Fund.

"It's about finding your inner strength to take back power when going through a breakup; rising up and becoming Superwoman." Said Billie.

"I found the recording process quite magical, I loved every minute of it. I was quite mind blown at how much work and effort goes into it. We hear music all the time and I never realised how much time actually goes into the songs we love to listen to. I loved watching Matt and the other musicians put so much thought and energy into what they were doing. Everything was done with a 100%. I also was surprised how comfortable I felt when recording vocals. I have a whole new appreciation for music since my recording experience."

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Keep up to date with Billie Rose on her Facebook page here and give Superwoman a spin below.

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