Country Boy by Miranda Easten – Premiere

17 March 2021 | 11:30 am | Mallory Arbour

We premiere the the new single Country Boy by New Zealand country singer-songwriter, Miranda Easten ahead of its Friday release.

Hailing from Christchurch, kiwi country singer-songwriter Miranda Easten is set to release her new single Country Boy this Friday ... but, if that’s too long of a wait, we have the grand honour of being able to premiere both the song and video for the very first time today!

The track was recorded with Greg Haver at Roundhead Studios in Auckland, mixed by Scott Seabright and Clint Murphy, and mastered over in Nashville. Country Boy is a quintessential country love song, where you can hear Miranda's influences of Jewel Kilcher, Dolly Parton and Miranda Lambert.

Miranda says, “Country Boy is an energetic and romantic love song about the excitement of a relationship in its early stages, including falling in love, and learning new things about each other. I could hardly write the words down fast enough and even while doing so, I was already imagining the finished recording and music video."

For the music video, Miranda envisioned something in that classic country-style.

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She says, “I wanted a classic country video, complete with trucks, horses and cowboys. I didn’t want it to be abstract, but embrace the purity of the sentiment. It was a grueling day of long hours and the added pressure of trying to look wide awake all day! I loved the result, it felt that the cycle of song from start to finish was now complete."

Miranda discovered her singing ability through performing at the Christchurch School of Music. Following her studies in Contemporary Music & Performance at Ara Institute of Canterbury Music Arts in 2014, Miranda formed a duo called The Manuka Set with Vanessa Kelly.

She released her debut solo single, Cowboy Lullaby in 2020, which reached #16 on the Australian Official Top 40 Country Music Chart. She followed that up with her second single, Only One. She is currently preparing for the release of her debut album, Behind Unbroken Strings.

Watch the video below!

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