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Walker Hayes Drops ‘Fancy Like’ Duet With Kesha

10 September 2021 | 9:32 am | Mallory Arbour

American country singer-songwriter, Walker Hayes has tweaked his catchy track, Fancy Like in a collaboration with American pop singer-songwriter, Kesha.

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Walker Hayes has re-released his catchy track, Fancy Like in a collaboration with American pop singer-songwriter, Kesha. Hayes first teased the duet on TikTok on September 8. Kesha did too, in a video featuring Logan Schyvynck.

The American country singer-songwriter co-wrote Fancy Like, the fifth single from Hayes’ EP, Country Stuff, with Cameron Bartolini, Josh Jenkins, and Shane Stevens, and co-produced it with Joe Thibodeau and Shane McAnally.

In an interview with CMT, Hayes said, “We started talking about how people have these misconceptions of artists all the time. They think we all drive Mercedes or fly on jets and live-in mansions. But I notice people commenting on videos and things I do on social media and they say, ‘Oh, you drink the same kind of milk I do,’ or ‘I have that same picture on my wall.’ And it’s like, ‘Yeah, well, I am you.’ So, it came out of that, and I think it was Josh who said, ‘Fancy like.’”

During the pandemic, Hayes and his family decided to make TikTok videos for fun, creating dances for several songs from his EP, Country Stuff including the title track and I Hope You Miss Me. The video for Fancy Like, which features his oldest daughter Lela, became a popular meme and a viral hit through TikTok, having been viewed over 11.5 million times and received more than 490,000 likes and over 4,700 comments.

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Hayes told Forbes, “I had no idea this was going to happen, and I think that’s what’s so powerful about it. It was just my daughter and me on a Sunday afternoon, spending time in this journey of parenthood, daughterhood and life. She was like, ‘Hey, Fancy Like needs a dance.’ And we just kind of zoned in on each other, created it, and posted it.”

Fancy Like reached #14 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number one on the Hot Country Songs chart, becoming Hayes’ highest-charting single to date. Hayes has released two albums – 2011’s Reason to Rhyme and 2017’s Boom – as well as five EPs, including 2021’s Country Stuff.

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