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Sam Williams Announces Deluxe Album ‘Glasshouse Children: Tilted Crown’

23 August 2022 | 10:52 am | Mallory Arbour

'Glasshouse Children: Tilted Crown’ is out October 14.

Sam Williams

Sam Williams (Image: Supplied)

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Nashville singer-songwriter, Sam Williams has announced a forthcoming deluxe version of his celebrated debut, Glasshouse Children. Featuring six new tracks, Glasshouse Children: Tilted Crown comes out October 14 via Mercury Nashville. 

Williams’ first song off the expanded edition, Ragdoll, written by Williams with Femke Weidema and William Benjamin Roberts, is out now.

He says, “Ragdoll represents putting it all on the line for someone in a playful way. It’s a fresh sound for me and I think it’s a fun love song, ‘Let me be your ragdoll’ translates to ‘I’m yours.’”

Glasshouse Children was released last year to glowing reviews. It was an introspective meditation on hurt and healing, growth and loss, and sin and redemption, but more than that, it’s a reckoning with fate and freewill and the family ties that bind us.

The album also included collaborations with Keith Urban and Dolly Parton.

Regarding Glasshouse Children: Tilted Crown, Williams adds, “I felt some of the songs that didn’t make Glasshouse Children deserved their shine, while also wanting to provide new music before a second LP. Tilted Crown tells a little more story and lets the listener in just that much more.

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Despite being the son of Hank Williams Jr. and grandson of Hank Williams, Williams was originally reluctant to get into the music industry.

Although he’d been writing music and poetry on the side for years, he considered a career in politics and spent two-and-a-half years at university studying business, before leaving to focus on his music. He later released the singles Darkwater (2016), The Lost Grandchild’s Plea (2018), which honours his late grandparents, Hank and Audrey Williams, and Gemini (2019).

In 2020, he released a cover of Weatherman, as well as SHUTEYE and The World: Alone, a song he released in honour of his late sister Katie Williams’ 28th birthday.


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