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Morgan Evans & Kelsea Ballerini’s Parents' Weigh In On The Divorce

1 March 2023 | 12:03 pm | Staff Writer

Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans divorced in 2022.

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Morgan Evan’s parents and Kelsea Ballerini’s mother have spoken out about the messy divorce between the former country music couple.

Ballerini’s mother, Carla Denham, spoke with host Jennifer Vickery Smith on her latest episode of Got It From My Momma, a podcast that features conversations with mothers of entertainers talking about family, fame, faith and more. The podcast was recorded shortly after Ballerini released her tell-all EP, Rolling Up The Welcome Mat, along with the accompanying short film, which gives insight into her seemingly less-than-perfect marriage to her ex-husband.

Denham reveals she “just bawled” as she listened to her daughter’s lyrics for the first time.

“As she was sending me those songs as she’d write them, my heart would just — I mean, I would just bawl. Just bawl,” Denham shared. “And the songs were hard enough, you know, to listen to, but I also know it’s cathartic for her. That’s her way of processing hurt and pain…to go write it and then it’s out of her. I’ve seen that time and time again.

“When she decided to do the mini film… if she would’ve hired an actress to do that, it still would’ve hurt for me to watch it,” Denham added. “But to watch her acting out what she really felt and experienced was just — it’s that blend between, ‘I’m in total awe,’ when she showed me the piece, ‘total awe,’ and, ‘I just wanna take her and put her in a plastic bubble and just go, away somewhere, away from the world.’”

Listen to Got It From My Momma on iHeartRadio here.

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Although filmed while Evans was touring in Australia in late 2022, his parents – Sue and John Evans – speak in episode 3 ‘the reunion’ in Evan’s docuseries Over For You, which dropped on YouTube on Wednesday, March 1. 

John says that Evans life was “destroyed” after his split from Ballerini.

“Everything’s blowing up, destroyed in his life,” John says. “I think he needed to come home and feel he’s a special person and everyone loves him.”

Sue adds, “At our place the other day there was like a reconnection with what’s important in life. It is your family and those people who love you, regardless of who you are or how well you’re performing so that was awesome.”

“I think it’s a reset for him to actually work out what’s important to him. I think that’s one of the things that’s going on with him,” John replies. “Just to remember what he wants and what he values.”

Evans closes the docuseries in episode five on a positive note.

"I was sort of dreading heading back to the States, just because it feels good to be on the other side of the world right now, but I love it so much there," he says. "I love Nashville so much. I love country music so much. I'm kind of excited as to what that's gonna look like now. And if I can bring in this perspective that I've got here in the last three weeks, I think I'll be in as good a spot as I can be."

Evans and Ballerini finalised their divorce last November after she filed to end their nearly five-year marriage in August. She has since confirmed her new romance with Outer Banks actor Chase Stokes.