Let's Go Girls: Shania Twain Is Releasing A 25th Anniversary Reissue Of 'Come On Over'

13 July 2023 | 10:01 am | Mary Varvaris

Come On Over is the best-selling album by a female solo artist of all time.

Shania Twain

Shania Twain (Source: Supplied)

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It’s time to celebrate the best-selling album by a female solo artist of all time. This August, Shania Twain will release a super-deluxe reissue of her third album, Come On Over, celebrating its 25th anniversary and its life-changing impact on her career.

Of course, Come On Over is remembered for its most successful singles, including You’re Still The One, Man! I Feel Like A Woman, and That Don’t Impress Me Much. LP3 on the super deluxe edition features an abundance of collaborations, with Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Elton John, Alison Krauss, Backstreet Boys and more joining Twain for live renditions and remixes of classics from the album.

The Australian store selling the Come On Over super deluxe reissued vinyl includes a blue 2LP edition and a 3LP Diamond Edition ultra clear vinyl. You can pre-order your copy here, with the records shipping from Friday, 25 August.

“With Come On Over, it was important for me to give what I thought was the best record of my life - no holding back,” Twain wrote on Facebook on Wednesday (12 July). “Especially as a follow-up to the certified Diamond 'The Woman In Me'. I knew I had more in me than one Diamond album.”

In a press release, she added, per Consequence Of Sound: “My audience was broader than the average country genre audience — they were coming from all over the world! We had the luxury of producing multiple versions of the songs to fit each audience, and I’m so happy to see all the versions packaged together for this reissue.

“This was an album that was really meant to bridge genres… [I wanted to] bring as many different people together as possible — so imagine how incredible it feels to still have a sense of bringing people together 25 years later? I’m at a great place in my life.”

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In June, Twain took us back to the 90s in another way besides celebrating Come On Over – by announcing an upcoming duet with Achy Breaky Heart hitmaker, Billy Ray Cyrus.

The collaborative track, On Three, features on an expanded version of her latest album, Queen Of Me: Royal Edition (Extended), along with another unreleased track called Done & Dusted.

"I'd already written On Three and was in the studio recording it, I could just hear a sexy man with a southern accent counting the song in, and the first person that came to mind was Billy Ray Cyrus,” she wrote on Twitter. “I called him up and literally had him record it down the phone." 

Queen Of Me was released on Friday, 3 February, and featured the singles Waking Up Dreaming, Last Day Of Summer and Giddy Up!