Jelly Roll Debuts New Song 'I Am Not OK' On 'The Voice' Finale

23 May 2024 | 1:39 pm | Mary Varvaris

Jelly Roll’s newest track is moving and will likely provide a balm for any listeners struggling with the themes he explores.

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Jelly Roll (Source: Supplied)

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On the night that Lainey Wilson was invited into the Grand Ole Opry by Reba McEntire, Jelly Roll impressed the audience on the season 25 finale of The Voice by premiering his new single, I Am Not OK.

A vulnerable song that explores the depths of mental health issues – Jelly Roll sings about having the devil on his back, voices in his head and wonders if he’d be better off laying in the dirt – Jelly Roll’s newest track is moving and will likely provide a balm for any listeners struggling with the themes he explores.

I Am Not OK is anchored by gentle strumming on the acoustic guitar, and Jelly Roll’s always emotive vocals go from melodic singing to highlighting the rasp in his voice.

You can watch Jelly Roll debut I Am Not OK on The Voice below.

According to Billboard, the song is set to appear on his forthcoming unannounced album. Will Liar, another unreleased song that he premiered at this year’s ACM Awards, also appear?

In other Jelly Roll news, the Need A Favor singer recently discussed his decision to leave social media, revealing that he’s “never felt better or healthier.”

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“I’m sure I’ll be back,” Jelly Roll said in a Variety interview, quipping that he’s “got bigger fish to fry”.

Addressing his reasons for leaving social media, Jelly Roll clarified that he doesn’t “have a problem” with the concept, but he was merely “too busy to waste hours of my life scrolling.”

He said of his current hiatus from social media: “I can honestly say that I’ve been off social media for a few months now, and I’ve never felt better or healthier mentally — never felt more clearheaded.”

Last month, Jelly Roll said he wants to do “anything he can” to support independent artists, explaining why he chose Alexandra Kay as an opener for his Beautifully Broken tour.

“Because she’s doing it independent, it was the only one that we [Jelly Roll and wife Bunnie XO] totally agreed on together,” he said. “We were like, ‘Yo, her. Take the independent girl.’”

Jelly Roll reminisced on his time as an unsigned musician, saying, “Dude, I never got a good look when I was independent.”

Kay posted a response to Jelly Roll’s mention, stating: “He understands how hard it is to be independent, how you really can work and work and work and only get so far because people in this business just won’t mess with you if you’re not signed to a major label.”