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Fanny Lumsden Releases New Line of Baby Ear Muffs

11 March 2022 | 1:41 pm | Mallory Arbour

Multiple award-winner Fanny Lumsden has teamed up with New Junior to bring out a new line of baby ear muffs.

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Fanny Lumsden has teamed up with New Junior to bring out a new line of ear muffs. The ‘Mini Muffs by Fanny’ have a noise reduction rating of 22dB and a soft non-slip elastic head band for comfort.

Recommended for infants aged between 0-3 years, the ear muffs are adjustable and come with a handy carry bag. They are available in colours ‘blue lightning bolts’ and ‘peppermint triangles’.

You can pre-order the ‘Mini Muffs by Fanny’ now at

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Today, the singer-songwriter also releases fallow & Variations, the follow up to her award-winning album, fallow. Embraced by the public, supportive radio and critics, fallow had an impressive chart-topping and award-winning run – picking up an ARIA Award, 5 x CMAA Golden Guitars and an AIR Country Album of the Year Award. 

fallow & Variations features reinterpretations of the songs on fallow, such as singles This Too Shall Pass, Dig, Fierce, These Days, Grown Ups, Tidy Town and more…  Showing another side to fallow, We really went with our gut feeling on each song”, the idea of the record came together when Lumsden was working in the studio on a different project with fallow’s producer Matt Fell. After mentioning to Matt she wanted to try reworking the record, they launched straight into it with Dan Stanley Freeman and pulled several guests back into the studio. 

Lumsden says, “I feel like there was so much more to explore with fallow, that often you get to experience out sharing the songs and stories with people face to face, however due to the fact that touring was stilted so many times, we had to find different ways to tell the stories and explore the songs a little more. It feels a little exciting and a little, almost akin to relief, to share the songs in a different way.”


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