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Damien Agius Exits Australian Idol. Reveals He’s Single.

21 February 2023 | 10:31 am | Staff Writer

“I’m a single bloke. You never know, I might get a lady and win Australian Idol.”

(Image: via Facebook)

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Damien Agius was eliminated from Australian Idol last night (Mon, Feb. 20), with Sash Seabourne, Maya Weiss, Harry Hayden and Phoebe Stewart advancing into the top 12.

Taking the Idol stage to perform for the four judges – Harry Connick Jr., Kyle Sandilands, Meghan Trainor and Amy Shark – as part of the top 24, the 27-year-old sung the Lonestar classic Amazed.

Although Connick Jr. praised his song choice and vocals, he questioned his intent.

He said, “You’re singing a love song, you’re kind of swaying and moving your body, it wasn’t in time, there was no reason for that. You’re a handsome guy, stand on the stage and pick someone in the audience and sing that love song to them. There needs to be purpose to your performance. There needs to be intent.”

Next up, it was Sandilands time to speak, who confessed, “So many people have spoken to me about you... My brother who drives trucks, my farm hand who reangles sheep and cows all day. She’s like ‘the only block worth wining is the guy in the hat.’”

“You are super likable,” he added. “I enjoy watching you perform every time. If you hone in and take all the advice, you could stay til the end if you do it well.”

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Trainor referred to his performance as “fierce”, while Shark thought it was “great.”

Regarding his song choice, Agius admitted to vocal coach Carmen Smith that Amazed was one of the first country songs he ever heard. And, when asked if he was dedicating the song to anyone, he confessed, “I’m a single bloke. You never know, I might get a lady and win Australian Idol. Why not have both?”

To which, host Ricki-Lee Coulter later remarked, “Damien, a beautiful love song. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had a few people sliding into your DMs after today’s performance.”

Released in 1999, Amazed was the second single from Lonestar’s third album Lonely Grill. The song peaked at #19 on the Australian ARIA Top 50 Singles Chart and #49 on the ARIA Top 100 Singles for 2000 chart, and was later gold certified with over 35,000 units sold.

Following his elimination, Agius took to social media

“Well guys, the cat’s out of the bag. I’m home,” he says in a video. “Idol was awesome. I’m not gonna say robbed, that would be petty, but I loved the experience. This isn’t gonna be the end of me. I’m gonna keep going. I’m gonna keep pushing.”

He added that he has many things in the works including a facebook livestream tonight (Feb. 21) where he will answer questions about his Australian Idol experience and more.

The Moranbah coal miner and part-time country singer, who resides in Eton, Queensland, originally auditioned with Garth BrooksIf Tomorrow Never Comes. He dedicated the performance to his brother Ben, who tragically passed away in a car accident at 19.


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