This Album Changed My Life: Madelyn Rose On Carrie Underwood’s ‘Some Hearts’

2 February 2023 | 2:06 pm | Mallory Arbour

To learn more about Madelyn Rose, we asked her about an album that changed her life.

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Fifteen-year-old singer-songwriter, Madelyn Rose started learning piano at the age of four and shortly after discovered her passion for music. She began dabbling with karaoke, singing along with a small guitar amp and microphone she received for her 6th birthday, then uploading the videos to YouTube. 

Drawing inspiration from pop and country powerhouses such as Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Chris Stapleton, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson and Christina Aguilera, Madelyn is committed to creating music that her listeners can relate to wholeheartedly, with no sugar coating. Currently balancing her career as an emerging artist as well as a full-time student, Madelyn’s passion for the craft fuels her drive on this new chapter of her musical journey. 

Last month, she released her debut single Taillights Fade. A co-write with Justin Klump and Lauryn Tauber, Madelyn showcases her wisdom beyond her years and vocal range with the original track which holds themes of female-empowerment, and it is the first of many original songs in the works.

“It feels like an anthem for young girls to me,” explains Madelyn, “When an unhealthy relationship ends or you get dumped, it can bring down your self-confidence, however knowing that YOU are the one that got away helps to get over someone and move on.”

To learn more about Madelyn Rose, we asked her about an album that changed her life.

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Madelyn Rose on Some Hearts by Carrie Underwood:

“Carrie Underwood’s debut record Some Hearts changed my life in a positive way by giving me a role model, new perspectives, and sparked my interest in becoming a country artist.

While I couldn’t watch her on American Idol in real time, since I wasn’t born yet, I have since watched all her episodes on YouTube. Carrie has always been my all-time favourite artist. From her powerful vocals to the stories she tells through her songs, I respect her tremendously. I love how she hasn’t changed her personality from the rise of a small-town girl to a superstar.

Having so many hit tracks, this album holds a special place in my heart. For me, the nostalgia of this album hits home as the songs, Don’t Forget to Remember Me, Starts with Goodbye, and Whenever You Remember, are relatable to me as I begin the journey of following my dreams in country music. The lyrics, “we were loading up that Chevy both trying not to cry, mama kept on talking, putting off goodbye” and “I miss the big blue skies, the Oklahoma kind” makes me think about moving from my hometown to Nashville, just like Carrie.

Classic heartbreak songs such as Wasted, I Just Can’t Live a Lie, and of course Whenever You Remember, are relatable to almost anyone having been through a breakup. I love how she puts a positive spin on the topic saying whenever you remember me, think about the good times and, be glad you had them.

The most popular tracks on the album, Before He Cheats and Jesus, Take the Wheel, bring back memories of listening to the radio in the backseat of the car. With so many hits on this album, picking it as my favourite was an easy choice.

In many ways, the album for me was just the beginning of learning more about Carrie, from reading her book, streaming her newer albums, and giving me inspiration for my own life and career. She is a role model for me, and Some Hearts changed my life.”


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