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Rider Essentials: Jade Gibson

18 February 2021 | 12:03 pm | Mallory Arbour

We’ve asked North East Victorian singer-songwriter Jade Gibson to tell us the five things she always takes on the road for this week’s Rider Essentials.

Jade Gibson

Jade Gibson (Jade Gibson)

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North East Victorian singer-songwriter Jade Gibson recently released the single Wildfires. Written by Jade with Taylor Foley, the track was inspired by her year living in Nashville as an underage 20-year-old in the United States and is a metaphor for being young, reckless, and maybe even a little out of control, like a wildfire.

Since the age of 14, Jade has performed over 500 gigs across Australia and the USA. She released her debut five-track EP The Great Unknown in March 2019. The title track debuted at #1 on the Country iTunes charts, stamping her name as an upcoming artist to watch on the Australian country music scene. 

We’ve asked Jade to tell us the five things she always takes on the road for this week’s Rider Essentials.

1. My Ford Territory

My territory, called Tori and I have done some km’s together from down to Warrnambool to up to Dubbo for gigs all across Australia. I had to fit all my music equipment in the car, so I saved up all my pennies and brought Tori a couple years ago. I remember the first day I drove it I felt like I was driving a spaceship, the upgrade [from my Holden Astra was] very much needed!

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2. My ‘Jade’s Country Picks’ Spotify Playlist

My Country Picks playlist has a mix of my favourite current and older country tunes including some amazing Aussie country artists. Some of my favourite car karaoke songs that feature in the playlist are Money by The Buckleys, which is such a groovy track; I Got This by The McClymonts and Talk About from Seaforth. You should check it out!

3. Hydrolyte

This is totally not sponsored but I really love Hydrolyte, sometimes I can get caught up in the excitement of a live gig and totally forget to drink enough water. And is it strange that I actually kind of like the taste as well? A couple of years ago, when I was living in Nashville, I went to a concert and I had got myself a spot right up the front of the stage. After 3 hours of standing up in a hot crowded room without taking a single sip of water, I embarrassingly fainted during the last song!! Hydrolyte became my best friend that evening!

4. Comfy Footwear

Between setting up, standing up and playing for around 3 hours then packing everything back up again, my poor feet get a little tired from wearing my boots. The saying goes "Beauty is Pain," doesn't it? So I always have a pair of comfy shoes in my car, usually a pair of thongs or my Frankie 4 walking shoes. 

5. A Permo Marker

This is something that will forever make me feel amazing. I have signed everything from utes, fender guitars and one guy even got my signature tattooed on his arm. I remember the day Shenon asked me to sign his arm, telling me that he was booked in to get it tattooed the following week ... I truly didn't believe it until I saw him a month later at a BnS ball with my name inked onto his skin - HOW CRAZY?!

Keep up to date with Jade Gibson on her Facebook page here.

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