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Rider Essentials: Andrew Swift

18 March 2021 | 12:28 pm | Mallory Arbour

2 x Golden Guitar winner, Andrew Swift shares the things he takes on the road with him when on tour in this week's Rider Essentials feature.

2 x Golden Guitar Winner, Andrew Swift has gone from strength to strength since finding his feet in the Australian country music scene as a Toyota Starmaker grand finalist in 2017. With his debut country album, Call Out For The Cavalry debuting at #1 on the ARIA Australian Country Charts, the Matt Fell produced record saw 5 singles lifted for release, including Runaway Train, Fire & Ice (feat. Catherine Britt) and King of the Sky. He recently started recording his new album, which feature the singles Never Meant To Break Your Heart, Right On Down and his latest, Head Full of Honey, which currently sits at #12 on the Countrytown Music Network Hot 50 chart

Previously, we've interviewed him, premiered his music video, he's been our Artist of the Week and has appeared in numerous articles and festival announcements - and now, to reacquaint ourselves, we've asked Andrew to tell us the things he always takes on the road with him for this week’s Rider Essentials.


If I’m hitting the road, then 'Hazel' my teardrop caravan is an absolute must! Having that little van has made touring way more affordable over the past few years. I’ve spent plenty of nights free camping on road trips. Sure, it’s cosy and people often ask if it’s a dog trailer or do I fit in there, but Hazel is home on the road.

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Hats, Lots of Hats

I have trucker hats covering a wall at home with all sorts of colours, material, bands, whiskeys and other things I enjoy plastered all over them. There’s only so much room in the protective hat cases I have, so the toughest part about packing for tour is deciding which ones will be making the journey with me.

A Towel

In my early days of touring with my first band it was pretty much a guarantee that I’d forget to pack a towel. So, after trying to dry myself with face washers or hand towels, I’d give in and fork out for yet another towel. Fair to say my linen cupboard has its fair share of towels these days.

50 Shades of Denim

I do love me some denim. One of the first things I pack is the mountain of denim shirts that reside in my wardrobe. I can’t give you the exact number of shirts that come with me, but my general rule of thumb is that when I can’t fit any more on the grab handle above the car door, then that should be enough to see me through.


I may not be a pure redhead but I’ve definitely been kissed by the ginger gene – one look at my Fanta face proves that. Despite popular opinion, there’s more responsibility that comes with this blessing than envy from men and desire from women – skin protection – I burn in a full moon, therefore sunscreen is a must have in the car at all times.

The Dog on the Tuckerbox Cup

One of the conditions of being the ambassador to everyone’s favourite statue Hume Highway landmark is that I must drink from my Dog on the Tuckerbox enamel camping cup when I’m on stage. I’m pretty sure that there’s no way to monitor or enforce this stipulation, but it just happens to be my favourite drinking cup, so it works for me. Everyone just assumes it’s tea anyway.

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