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New Music Wrap Up: Fanny Lumsden, Morgan Wallen, Jake Davey & More!

6 March 2023 | 10:54 am | Mallory Arbour

Here’s a wrap up of all the new releases in the country world!

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More Fanny Lumsden More Fanny Lumsden

As well as the featured new release from Chelsea Berman, there’s a handful of artists we’re still keen to share! From Fanny Lumsden to Jake Davey, Jayne Denham and Colt Ford, Andrew Swift and Gretta Ziller, Morgan Wallen to Jimmie Allen and more, here’s a wrap up of all the new releases in the country world!


Fanny Lumsden – Millionaire 


Jake Davey – Count On A Country Song

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Jayne Denham & Colt Ford – Moonshine 


Andrew Swift & Gretta Ziller – Living In The Neighbourhood 


Lonestar – Amazed (2023 Version)


Jimmie Allen – Miss You 


8 Ball Aitken – Just For You


Priscilla Block – Couple Spring Breaks Back


Tyler Braeden – Middle Man


Pete Denahy – Tomorrow


Liz Stringer & William Crighton – Golden Age

The Whitlams Black Stump Band & Felicity Urquhart – Kate Kelly


Connor Smith – Creek Will Rise


Jessie Wilson & Sam Banks – How ‘Bout We Find Out


Matt Schuster – Wasted Prayers 


Alana Springsteen - Shoulder To Cry On


Lainey Wilson – Grease 


Jillian Cardarelli – Country Side


Hannah Anders – Southern Free 


Travis Denning – Strawberry Wine and a Cheap Six Pack


John Morgan – Sorry Not Sorry


Sam Williams – Lost Its Allure


Ingrid Mae – No SOS 


Hayley Varrell – I Guess That's Love


Suz Dorahy – Redemption Is Real


Eileen Jewell – Crooked Mile


Brooke Harvey – Little Bird


Jordan Riley – Made Me


Kaitlin Butts – What Else She Can Do


Robert Ellis – Gene


Justin Champagne & K. Michelle – Country Love Song


Tommy Prine – This Far South


Anna Weatherup – Crossing The Sea



Karen Jonas – The Restless



Morgan Wallen – One Thing At A Time