Linc Phelps’ My CountryTown: Gympie

20 June 2024 | 1:34 pm | Emma Newbury

Linc Phelps spills the beans on his latest single ‘Hundred Percent’ and his favourite hometown hangouts.

Linc Phelps

Linc Phelps (Source: Supplied)

A quiet achiever, Linc Phelps has rapidly made his way onto the radar of country tastemakers across the country. The singer has just presented the world with his latest single Hundred Percent, a timeless oath to giving it your all. 

Hundred Percent came about after my producer brought to my attention how many times I say ‘Hundred Percent’ in my day-to-day conversations. I started thinking about what that means to me, and basically, it’s about being “all in”. Whether it’s relationships, work, rest or play – just give it your all and be a Hundred Percent your authentic self.” 

The Queensland musician has always been a lover of all things music, first picking up the guitar at age 10 and never putting it down.

While Phelps has been inspired by an all-Americana mix of country and rock ranging from Bruce Springsteen, John Prine, and Ryan Adams, it’s his hometown of Gympie that Phelps calls home.

Today, the country crooner takes Countrytown through his upbringing and favourite spots in the Southeast Queensland settlement. 

Rainbow Beach and Double Island Point

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I think possibly my favourite thing about living in Gympie is that we have the most beautiful stretch of beach in the country, right in our very own backyard.

For me and my family, weekends and holidays at Rainbow Beach and Double Island are pure relaxation. It’s where we go to heal, rest, play and enjoy life. The minute we put the 4WD on the beach and let Henry (our Kelpie) out to run, it was absolute peace.

Whether it’s the coloured sands, Carlo Sandblow walk or the hike up to Double Island Point’s Lighthouse, there’s just incredible things to explore everywhere. It’s perfect for swimming, bushwalking, fishing and surfing. 

Our favourite thing to do is set up the gazebo and reset before work the next week. Part of my clip for my new single, Hundred Percent, is shot here, so I’m looking forward to being able to showcase some of this little piece of paradise we call home.

Mary Valley Rattler

We’re so lucky to have one of our region’s biggest tourist attractions in town, The Valley Rattler. It’s a beautiful big old steam train that runs on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays and attracts visitors in droves. It leaves our heritage train station and takes visitors on a tour through the scenic Mary Valley and passes through the picturesque country communities out that way.

There’s something about sitting out the front of Soma Soma Espresso having our coffee, and the train pulls in or out. Kids and people waving from it. You can take your dog too - they’ve got a pet-friendly carriage. I love it. It’s great for our town.

Gympie Music Muster

The Gympie Music Muster is my hometown festival and performing out there just never gets old. It’s Australia’s original and most loved camping and music festival, and there really isn’t just anything like it.

Set deep in the natural surrounds of the Amamoor Creek State Forest, the Muster showcases country, blues, roots, folk and rock music and has something for everyone. My earliest experience at the Muster was when Mum was watching John Williamson in 1994 on the main stage, when I was two years old.

It was pouring with rain, and a few blokes standing on the hill weren’t content with the rain cover Mumhad over my pram, so they decided to make me a cover made out of beer cartons for extra protection (laughs). It was BYO way back then. As the years went on, I performed in the talent quest out there at 13, then went on to play in my own shows with my high school band when I was 14 and 15.

To be playing out there now, and for the last decade, in the Blues tent with my band, The Next Best Thing, is a total buzz. We’re out there again this year, and I can’t wait. It feels like home to me, and if you haven’t been out to experience the Gympie Muster, you need to put it on your bucket list.


I’ve been here my whole life – born and raised. My wife and her family have been here for 40 years, so we’ve really developed a beautiful little community around us, both creatively and otherwise. Our kids are at school here, and we are spoilt for choice when it comes to schools, sports, music lessons and things to do for kids.

It’s a great place to raise them and close enough to the beach while enjoying a rural lifestyle. When you’ve been here a long time, everybody knows everybody, so it can take you a while to do the shopping or when you’re grabbing a coffee from your local coffee haunt, but it’s a nice problem to have. Folks are always keen to hear what I’m up to with my business, the family and my music.

Mary Street

Originally known as Nash’s Gully, where gold was found in 1867, prospectors’ tents sprung up along the sides of the digging bank. Over time, this has developed into Mary Street, and it’s been transformed into a really cool little shopping and café strip.

Nice wide footpaths, fairy-lit trees and some awesome heritage buildings make it a great space for what have become known as our “On Mary” events.

We have Easter and Christmas On Mary Events and a really popular one that’s coming up on the 28th of June, Wheels On Mary, which coincides with Gympie Rally Rocks on Saturday the 29th - where I’ll be performing with Taylor Moss, Brooke Schubert, Route 33 and Dan Horne.

The On Mary events have become hugely popular with locals and visitors and Mary Street bursts at the seams with food trucks, street performers and live music performances on the Gold City Stage in the centre of everything. It’s become massive for our town and the CBD traders. Mary Street has also been the home of the annual Pre-Muster party. 

Hay bales and buskers line the street, and everyone breaks out their flannos and boots. It’s a great way to kick the Muster off each year. A cool fun fact about Gympie – it was originally called Nashville after English prospector James Nash struck gold here. It was later renamed “Gympie” and became known as the town that saved Queensland.


The Australian Institute of Country Music (AICM) was established in 2001 and is Gympie’s vibrant music hub, offering an exciting range of programs and services across all musical genres. They have a RockSkool program, Open Mic nights, special events and concerts. They also hire their magnificent heritage building to many other local groups who offer music and creative opportunities.

My first interaction with the AICM came way back just after leaving high school, and since then, I’ve developed a much closer relationship with them by way of the annual Song Muster program, which I’ve mentored at for the last three years. The 2024 Song Muster starts in a couple of weeks, and I’ll be back there with this year’s fellow mentors Jen Mize, Kelly Brouhaha, Clare Quinn and Lawrence Menard from the folk duo, Those Folk, and my very good friend and album producer Gavin Carfoot, who leads the team. 

I have the Song Muster and the AICM to thank for connecting Gav and me. It’s been a life-changing meeting for me both creatively and personally. The Song Muster is the brainchild of Gav and Kelvin Grove’s QUT, working in conjunction with the AICM and its Director, Kerri Eaton

It offers a week of songwriting and mentoring for emerging singer-songwriters in a nurturing and creative space. It’s proved hugely successful with many great songs and collaborations resulting from it. It’s a privilege to be a part of.  

Hundred Percent is out now.