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Front Deck Boom Box: Brendan Deehan

16 March 2021 | 12:48 pm | Mallory Arbour

Brendan Deehan has worked in the Sydney pub scene for the last 15 years, playing covers as a soloist and part of the duo, Red Light Ruby.

Brendan Deehan has worked in the Sydney pub scene for the last 15 years, playing covers as a soloist and part of the duo, Red Light Ruby. Like many artists, he has his dad’s record collection to thank for leading him to country music. Brendan recently released his debut single, 2 Hours, which was mostly recorded in his home studio with some fine-tuning and mixing by award-winning producer, Matt Fell. The self-penned track explores the intense feelings experienced on the night Brendan met his partner, Katy.

We caught up with Brendan to find out what songs he’s listening to for this week’s Front Deck Boom Box.

Rachael Fahim - Middle Ground

This song grabbed me immediately for a few reasons. Firstly, Rachael's voice is amazing – strong, warm and expressive. After the bridge, she hits some beautiful high notes that she holds very well.  Secondly, the melody is catchy and memorable – I was singing the hook after the first listen. Lastly, the production is bright and punchy. I really enjoy the introduction of the banjo in the second verse as it builds the track nicely. This song is a piece of ear candy. It's just a good, modern, pop country song.

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Troy Kemp - Like a Hit to Me

Troy's voice – wow! I love the vibrato in Troy's voice. I am always drawn to the tone of his clean vocals. This song has a nice dynamic between the soft verses and big choruses giving it a solid country rock vibe. There are some very cool break downs in this song, giving it space from the big choruses and providing a nice groove that you find yourself nodding your head to. It's just a great road trip song. 

The Buckleys - Glad You Did

I like the groove of this song – it flows so well. It's very easy listening as there are catchy, hooky parts scattered all through the track. It's just great pop country writing. Sarah has that kind of smooth and relaxed voice that you won't ever get sick of. She seems to slide easily into the notes and I find that quite interesting to listen to. Perfectly complemented by the flawless harmonies of her sister Molly, they create some really tight vocal melodies. A great young band with energy to match.

Kaylee Bell - Be With You

I really like the production of this song, there seems to be a lot of depth going on in the background. There are huge drums saturated with a lovely reverb driving the beat. There is a nice pulse right from the start that keeps me tapping my fingers on the steering wheel. Kaylee has quite a unique voice. She hits the chorus hard, showing her vocal strength and giving the song even more of a massive sound. The lyrics are also very expressive and almost visual which I really enjoy. 

Seaforth - Breakups

The instrumental intro itself is emotive so you already know the song will be a heart breaker. Then the 'smooth as velvet' vocals begin, perfectly complementing the instruments. The chorus kicks up a gear when both Tom and Mitch harmonise together creating a strong sounding chorus. The drums are used quite sparingly, almost like an orchestral arrangement that emphasises important parts of the song through percussion. The song reminds me of traditional Celtic music in some ways, which I absolutely love. The lyrics are heartfelt and relatable, they have captured the mood perfectly with their production and vocal delivery. What a track! 

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