The HU

Founded: 2016

Location: Mongolia

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The HU

The Hu (stylized as The HU) is a Mongolian folk metal band formed in 2016. Incorporating traditional Mongolian instrumentation, including the morin khuur, the tovshuur, and throat singing, the band calls their style of music "hunnu rock", a term inspired by the Xiongnu, an ancient tribal confederation of uncertain origins, known as Hünnü in Mongolia. Some of the band's lyrics include old Mongolian war cries and poetry in the Mongolian language.The Hu consists of Galbadrakh "Gala" Tsendbaatar, Nyamjantsan "Jaya" Galsanjamts, Enkhsaikhan "Enkush" Batjargal, and Temuulen "Temka" Naranbaatar. They have released the studio albums The Gereg (2019) and Rumble of Thunder (2022).


2019 The Gereg
2022 Rumble of Thunder

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