Founded: 2007

Location: Japan

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Coldrain (コールドレイン, Kōrudorein, stylized in lower case) are a Japanese rock band from Nagoya, Japan, who were formed in 2007. The band combines melodic singing with screams typical of the post-hardcore genre. Although the band is Japanese, all of their songs are written in English. The lineup consists of lead vocalist Masato Hayakawa, guitarists Ryo Yokochi (Y.K.C.) and Kazuya Sugiyama (Sugi), bassist Ryo Shimizu (RxYxO) and drummer Katsuma Minatani. Hayakawa has a Japanese father and an American mother and speaks both Japanese and English fluently.The band's first two albums, Final Destination and The Enemy Inside, were both released exclusively in their home country of Japan. The group made their worldwide debut in 2014 with the reissue of The Revelation, which was previously released in 2013 under the label VAP, with the worldwide edition being released under Hopeless Records and Sony Music.


2009 Final Destination
2011 The Enemy Inside
2015 VENA

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